Distance learning

Long hours at work, a busy home life and family commitments can mean that undertaking additional study, such as starting an AAT course at college, can be tricky. Distance learning is an alternative method of study, enabling you to shape your AAT training to suit your life.  

Aside from assessments, all learning can be done in your own home and at your own pace.

A flexible path to long-term success

The key advantage of distance learning is flexibility and extremely adaptable time scales for completion, so you can take between six months to a year to finish a level; and the flexibility does not stop there.
Whatever your learning needs or preferences you will find something to suit you. Even though you’re breaking away from the traditional classroom environment, help is always available and you will not feel isolated from tutors or even fellow students in a similar situation. Our distance learning providers will support and guide you through your studies as well as providing the learning materials.

Choose the right path for you 

In  order to progress, we recommend you look at the following:
  • AAT training providers
  • different courses
  • study method
  • cost.

Types of courses

There are three different types of courses for AAT qualifications. Investigate which method of study would be most suited to your schedule and preferred learning style.
  • Correspondence courses
  • Online support and e-learning
  • Live online classes