Flexible study options

You can study with AAT in a time and place that suits you. Our AAT approved training providers offer flexible options to study:

Read more about classroom-based learning and distance learning or you can search for a training provider now.

We do regular and frequent checks to ensure that all AAT colleges meet our strict standards for approval.

Choosing the right training provider

Once you’ve decided how and where you want to study, you can search for an AAT approved training provider. Create a shortlist of colleges, then consider these questions as you compare your choices:

  • What type of training do they offer: full-time, part-time or distance learning?
  • Which levels of the AAT qualification are taught?
  • What books, assessments and other items does the course fee include?

Our approved training providers are always happy to advise you without obligation, so ask lots of questions about the course before you register.

Studying without a training provider

The AAT Accounting Qualification is skills-based and there is a computer-based project module in each individual level. This needs to be completed through a training provider and can’t be completed independently.

It is possible to complete the remaining modules through self-study, and then sit the exams at a UK-based centre that allows ‘external candidates’. However, we strongly recommend studying with a training provider as they can provide guidance and support during your studies.

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