Foundation Apprenticeship in Accountancy: Scotland

Your future. Your choice.

Imagine having a qualification that could set you up for life, a qualification that could open doors to a job in any industry. Now imagine if you could get this qualification while also getting work experience. Well, now you can.

Let us take a minute to tell you about the new Foundation Apprenticeship in Accountancy available in Scotland – your perfect starting point for an exciting career in accounting and finance.

With the competition for places at the best universities getting tougher each year, there’s never been a better time to consider a different route. If you’re aged between 16 and 18 and resident in Scotland, the Foundation Apprenticeship in Accountancy offers you a fantastic opportunity to gain a qualification, along with the skills, knowledge and experience that are invaluable to employers.

So whichever industry you decide to work in, whether it's Scottish Premier League accounting, fashion accounting, film industry finance or charity accounting, the Foundation Apprenticeship in Accountancy, developed by Skills Development Scotland in partnership with AAT, can get you there.

Do you know what accountants do?

Do you know what accountants do?

Simply put, they report, record and analyse the financial transactions of a business. Accounting allows businesses to understand how well they’re performing: for example, whether they’re making a profit or loss, which helps them make decisions on their future plans.

Without these vital details, a business wouldn’t know its financial position, which adds up to the simple fact that accounting skills are, and will, always be in demand.

Secure your future

If you or your parents are worried about apprenticeships and whether they’re the right choice for your future, here are some facts to share with them.

  • You’ll get the skills that matter and become more employable. After all, every business and organisation needs people looking after its finances.
  • Great salaries: as you move your studies on from the Foundation Apprenticeship and head up the career ladder you can earn good money in accounting. Did you know that many CEOs and company directors started off in accounting?
  • Whether it’s travelling to meet clients or analysing business plans, you’ll get the chance to be involved in lots of important and exciting decisions – how many other jobs can offer you that combination?
  • An accounting qualification really can open doors to endless opportunities. You could end up working for a large accounting firm or even running your own business. All the big name companies are offering apprenticeships and believe in them, from the BBC to KPMG and TUI to Virgin.