Apprenticeships in England: guide for training providers

New apprenticeships have been introduced in England, with the aim to:

  • allow employers to design their apprenticeships
  • increase delivery flexibility
  • streamline and simplify funding
  • refocus training.

Apprenticeships AAT will support

We’ve supported the development of two of the accounting apprenticeship standards:

These standards have replaced the apprenticeship frameworks. They're two-page documents that detail the knowledge, skills and behaviours that should be accomplished during the apprenticeship, and outline typical job roles, entry requirements, apprenticeship durations and areas of progression.

Alongside each standard is an assessment plan, which explains what will be assessed, how the apprentice will be assessed and who will carry this out.

Both the Assistant Accountant standard and the Professional Accounting Technician standard are now approved for delivery. We’ll be supporting the delivery and provision of these apprenticeship standards alongside our accounting qualifications. 

The timing and method of your application for delivery approval will vary depending on your current relationship with AAT. 

Key changes

The standards now put employers at the heart of designing the apprenticeship and deciding how to spend their funding allocation.

The four key changes are the introduction of: