Step five - Get your results

The time it takes for you to get your assessment results will vary depending on the type of assessment you’re sitting.

The assessment result timeline is as follows.

  • Results for wholly computer-marked assessments will normally be issued within 24 hours of the assessment submission, except for assessments taken on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, which will be released by the end of the next working day.
  • Results for wholly computer-marked remotely invigilated assessments will normally be issued within 15 working days of the assessment submission, however on occasion it may be necessary to hold a result for longer pending the conclusion of any required investigation, if a flag is raised against your invigilation video.
  • Results for assessments that are marked by your training provider, ie recognition of prior learning (RPL), will be made available within six weeks.
  • Results for assessments that are externally marked by AAT, including the remotely invigilated externally marked assessments and the Portfolio Reflective component of the End Point Assessment (EPA) qualification, will be made available within six weeks.
  • Results for synoptic assessments, including remotely invigilated synoptic assessments, will be made available within six weeks of the last day of the synoptic window.

Unsure if your assessment is wholly computer-marked or externally marked? View our AQ2016 assessment marking timescales sheet to see where your assessment fits.

Results for Qualifications 2022 computer marked assessments sat in the ATLAS Cloud controlled pilot (ITBK/POBC/PCTN/FAPS) will be held for up to 15 working days. Results for externally marked assessments (BESY) in pilot will continue to be released within six weeks of submission. For more information please visit the dedicated ATLAS Cloud controlled pilot page.

All released results can be accessed from Your assessment results.

All competent results and completions are also updated against your Statement of achievement.

Result release dates for externally marked assessments

Externally-marked assessments, like computer-marked assessments, are available on demand and can be sat at any time throughout the year. However, we advise that you sit only when you are ready, as agreed with your training provider.

Results for these assessments are released weekly, based on the week that they were sat and submitted.

Results for these assessments, including synoptic assessments, are released throughout the day, typically on a Thursday. AAT will email you once your result is available.

If you’re expecting a result but haven't received it, we advise you to first check the timescales based on the day that you sat the assessment. If you've received a result notification email but are unable to access MyAAT or can't see the result, please contact AAT.

Download the 2021–2023 non-synoptic result release calendar (PDF) to view these dates. (Please note that this calendar is for externally-marked assessments. It does not show the release dates for computer-marked assessments or EPAs.)

Synoptic assessment windows and result release dates

You’ll sit your synoptic assessment when you're ready, as agreed with your training provider. You’ll need to check with your training provider as to the availability and schedule for completing these. 

Synoptic assessments test your understanding of connections between the different topics covered across the qualification. They’re sat towards the end of a qualification and are taken at specific times during the year.

Download the 2021–2023 synoptic calendar (PDF) to view these dates across all three levels.

2022 synoptic assessment dates

Foundation synoptic assessment windows (FSYA) – 2022

These occur for three weeks of every month. Download the 2021-2023 synoptic calendar (PDF) to view these dates.

Advanced synoptic assessment windows – 2022

Assessment week Results available
24–30 January 10 March
21–27 March 5 May
16–22 May 30 June
11–17 July 25 August
12–18 September 27 October
7–13 November 21 December

Professional synoptic assessment windows (PDSY) – 2022

Assessment week Results available
31 January–6 February 17 March
28 March–3 April 12 May
23–29 May 7 July
18–24 July 1 September
19–25 September 3 November
21–27 November 5 January 2023

What next?

Whatever your result, we'll support you through your AAT qualification.

Progression to the next level will advance your journey from AAT student to AAT member, where we'll provide you with guidance, advice, benefits and services throughout your career.

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