AAT professional membership: supporting your journey to career success

Whether you’re focused on bookkeeping or accounting, considering becoming chartered, or even want to run your own practice, our professional membership offers you flexible options and provides the support, resources and advice to get you wherever you want to be.

Each of our professional membership options will showcase the skills, experience and knowledge you gain as you progress in your career.

  • AAT bookkeeping membership (AATQB): Perfect if you want to specialise in bookkeeping or gain the requirements for full membership, bookkeeping membership allows you to gain recognition for your bookkeeping skills and knowledge.
  • AAT full membership (MAAT): Full membership demonstrates your experience in key areas of finance: a quality mark that can be the deciding factor when organisations are recruiting.
  • AAT fellow membership (FMAAT): Attainable after five consecutive years of full membership, fellow membership is the highest AAT membership designation you can achieve. It displays your senior experience, advanced expertise and industry credibility.

Why apply?

Becoming an AAT professional member will help you stand out to employers, increase your earning potential, expand your professional network and even give you the chance to start your own practice.

Plus you’ll gain access to benefits that will help you maintain your competitive edge, including:

  • Extensive technical resources covering key topics from tax to technology
  • A subscription to our award-winning Accounting Technician magazine (MAATs, FMAATs and AAT licensed members only)
  • Free events and discounted places at technical training courses across the UK
  • Exclusive offers on everything from cinema tickets to insurance with AAT Rewards
  • 50% off your MAAT fee during your chartered studies if you choose to continue learning

Which membership is right for you?


Associate bookkeeping membership (AATQB)

Associate bookkeeping membership marks your first step into the world of finance as a professional and will help you stand out to clients and employers.

  • Use the designatory letters AATQB after your name
  • Join a nationwide community of peers to expand your professional network
  • Build your technical knowledge with access to a wide range of resources designed to support your professional development
  • Gain access to career support tools to help you secure your next big role or promotion
  • Apply to run your own business as an AAT Licensed Bookkeeper


In order to gain this status you must have:

  • Completed the AAT Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping or AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting (on 2010 standards or later), or
  • Completed relevant ICB or IAB Level 3 qualifications, or
  • Been awarded AAT, ICB or IAB professional membership
  • Complete our ‘fit and proper’ assessment

Full details

Full membership (MAAT)

Full membership allows you to stand out in the industry and gain professional credibility and a competitive edge when progressing through your career. As a MAAT you can:

  • Typically earn £4,000 a year more than those who have qualified but don’t have professional status (based on salaries for AAT members working full-time (non-licensed accountants): AAT Salary and Career Survey 2017)
  • Access an expansive library of support and resources to help you succeed in the finance industry, including our award-winning Accounting Technician magazine
  • Get technical and ethical support when you need it through e-learning, webinars and more
  • Receive a discount on your membership if you choose to study for chartered status
  • Apply to run your own business as an AAT Licensed Accountant or Bookkeeper


In order to gain this status you must have:

  • Completed the AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting, or
  • Gained a full or part-qualification with ACCA, CIMA, CIPFA or ICAEW, or
  • Gained a full qualification with any of the above bodies or AIA, CAI, IFA, NIAT, ATSA (formerly AATSA), NZICA or HKIAAT, or
  • A professional membership with any of the above professional bodies or SCAAK, or
  • A degree from one of our partner universities.
  • Completed our fit and proper assessment

Full details

Fellow membership (FMAAT)

Once you have held your AAT full membership for five consecutive years, you can apply to gain your fellow membership (FMAAT) status: the highest you can achieve with AAT.

  • Increase your earning potential – FMAATs earn typically £8,000 a year more than MAATs (based on salaries for AAT members working full-time (non-licensed accountants): AAT Salary and Career Survey 2017)
  • Boost your CV and attract employers or clients with your FMAAT designatory letters
  • Connect, network and share insight with other senior professionals at exclusive FMAAT events
  • Demonstrate your commitment to keeping your skills and knowledge up to date through CPD

Full details

Then go on to ...

Be your own boss

Start your own practice by becoming an AAT Licensed Accountant or Bookkeeper and get all the support and guidance you need to succeed. Including advice and tools covering practice management, marketing, anti-money laundering and more.

Become chartered with AAT reduced membership

Once you've successfully completed the AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting you can go on to study chartered accountancy and, as a full or fellow member, receive a 50% discount on your full membership fee while you study.