Apply for AAT full membership

Applying for MAAT status is simple - you may be closer to full membership than you think.

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Apply for AAT full membership in just four easy steps.

Step 1. Work experience

Relevant work experience demonstrates that you have used the knowledge and skills you’ve developed during your qualification.

You will need to tell us how you have met a number of competences. There are five personal effectiveness competences, including team work and communication skills. You must also choose a technical competence in an area of finance in which you have at least six months’ experience. Read our guidance to find out more about the work experience requirement for full membership - ‘What work experience do I need to become a MAAT

The technical competence must be verified by your employer or a senior colleague. The personal effectiveness competences are verified by AAT.

These competences can be gained through a number of different roles, but all experience must be within the last five years. You may also include part-time, self-employed and voluntary work.

If you’re self-employed, your work experience will need to be verified by a qualified accountant.

Step 2. Professional reference

We require a professional reference to confirm your suitability for full membership and commitment to AAT.

Your referee should:

  • have knowledge of your work within your current or most recent job
  • work in a position senior to you
  • have worked with you for at least six months.

If you work for yourself your referee should be a qualified accountant who knows your work in a professional capacity. We can only accept a reference from a friend or relative if they are a qualified accountant (an AAT licensed member or a member of one of the chartered or certified accountancy bodies).

Alternatively, we can accept a reference from your course tutor if they have had direct knowledge of your work in an office environment. 

The person you nominate to provide a professional recommendation can also be the same person who you have requested to confirm your technical competence as part of the work experience.

Step 3. Declaration

To make an application you’ll need to answer suitability assessment questions and sign our declaration.

Step 4. Pay your fees

To become a MAAT you need to pay a one-off admission fee and your annual subscription.

If you’re applying for full membership while still a current student or affiliate, we will only charge you the full member rate from the date your subscription expires.

To maintain your MAAT status you will need to pay your membership subscription annually. An official renewal notice is automatically sent to you each year, which you can also view online.

Approval of AAT full membership will be confirmed in writing. We’ll also send you a certificate and welcome pack. Once you are elected to full membership you can apply to become a licensed member.

If you are already providing self-employed services to the public, we are unable to elect you to full membership until your licence application has been provisionally approved.

Watch our MAAT application guide