Becoming chartered: AAT reduced membership

We encourage members to continue their professional development and progression, while appreciating that managing the expense of further study and professional membership fees can be costly.

If you go on to study for chartered accountancy as a full or fellow member, you can apply for a reduced annual subscription and receive a discount on your AAT membership fees while you study. As an AAT full or fellow member, you’ll also receive generous exemptions.

See how AAT membership can support you as you continue your career.

Find out more about exemptions

Alternatively you could choose to become a tax specialist with the Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT).

Reduced membership is subject to eligibility, and is available to current affiliate members when their full membership application is approved, and after 12 months of membership for lapsed members. Membership must be renewed annually, and applications for reduced subscription must also be submitted each year as part of your renewal.

If you undertake self-employed work or are thinking of becoming self-employed in the future, please ensure that you comply with the regulations of the professional membership body you decide to register with. Find out more about becoming licensed with AAT.