Stay on track with our free interactive study planner

We want to help you plan more effectively and boost your motivation so you can go into your next assessment with confidence. As such, we’ve created an amazing tool to help you prepare for your assessments.

Book your assessment

Having a date booked for your assessment means you'll have a clear date to work towards.

You can book your assessment by speaking to your training provider or you can book directly with an assessment venue.

If you already have a plan in place with your current training provider on when you’ll be sitting your assessments, you can still use the interactive study planner alongside your existing plans.

Interactive study planners

We’ve created three interactive study planners (which you'll be glad to hear are Excel spreadsheets) to help you track your studies more effectively.

The study planners allow you to track the progress of the hundreds of free resources in the AAT Lifelong Learning Portal, while also giving you a timetable to plan when you study.

Watch how to use the interactive study planner

Keep going...

Each assessment is a stepping stone to completing your qualification. We’re here to support you – not just with your studies but with your wellbeing too.

Make the most of our practice assessments: practice makes perfect. Then get your assessment booked and turn all that hard work into a qualification certificate with your name on it.