Current international partnerships

We recognise that the best solutions come from combining knowledge and expertise, so we focus on building relationships with local organisations to develop finance skills on a global scale.

We are working together to provide tailored and localised solutions to support local talent and economic development. Our track record speaks for itself. With partner organisations in Botswana, India, the Middle East, New Zealand and South Africa.


We are currently offering the AAT Accounting Qualifications in Botswana to over 4,000 students per year, which is our largest body of students outside the UK.

Our work with the Botswana Institute of Chartered Accountants (BICA) provides an opportunity for people in Botswana to gain practical skills that will help progress their careers in finance, as well as supporting the local economy.

Our next steps in Botswana include discussions with BICA about how our qualifications can be developed in the future.

New Zealand

In recent years the finance profession in New Zealand has experienced a skills shortage at accounting technician level. To start to redress this balance we began working with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand in 2015, to offer an AAT Diploma in Accounting in New Zealand. The qualification is based on the AAT Accounting Qualifications and includes customised financial market specific units.

Open to everyone, the qualification provides solid and practical skills for a career in finance and accountancy.

With the AAT Diploma pathway, candidates progress at their own pace while studying the online units. As the units are suitable for distance learning, they give candidates the flexibility to fit study around their work and family commitments.

Working towards the AAT Diploma qualification, employees commit to continuing their long-term professional development, and employers can be sure their knowledge and skills are up to date, giving their company a competitive edge.


Wide demand for AAT's qualifications 

"We are already starting to see interest building from employers, their employees, and from people who prefer a vocational style of training. We also expect this qualification to appeal to school leavers.

"Collaborating with AAT to provide this qualification in New Zealand for our members is exciting and will help us to continue to build standards and professionalism in the accounting profession, while partnering with the leading UK body for accounting technicians.”

Kirsten Patterson, NZ Country Head Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand



We have partnered with the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) to provide opportunities for aspiring accounting technicians in Singapore.

This partnership supports the Singaporean Government’s SkillsFuture initiative, offering individuals from various backgrounds the opportunities to fulfil their true potential. By helping to develop the relevant skill sets, we will meet the demands for competent accounting and finance staff to support senior levels of the profession.

Through the ISCA Accredited Accounting Technician (AAT) Diploma, individuals will gain the skills required to do a wide variety of roles in accounting and finance. Once completed, they will then be eligible for Affiliate (ISCA) Membership and Accredited Accounting Technician designation, which will support them to keep their skills up to date.

South Africa

Africa has 80,000 chartered accountants but only 17,000 accounting technicians. This leaves a huge shortage of staff who have the skills to carry out the daily finance tasks that keep organisations running efficiently.

In South Africa, a project was initiated to redress this balance in local government, commerce and industry. AAT was invited by The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) to build sustainable capacity through a UK-South African partnership.


A joint venture between AAT and SAICA led to the creation of AAT(SA). AAT(SA) is a South African based organisation built on strong national and international partnerships.

It delivers a suite of qualifications tailored to suit the needs of South Africa, including specific local government and public sector accounting qualifications. The qualifications are supported by 25 approved training providers and are accredited on national qualification frameworks.

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Since 2008, over 2,500 AAT(SA) students have graduated on the qualifications, with thousands more currently studying. This has helped to improve public sector financial management and audit reports and, thereby, improving service delivery to the country.

AAT(SA) also offers professional membership. Members are bound by a code of professional ethics and are required to follow AAT and SAICA’s CPD system.

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