Different ways to study

Study options to fit your life

AAT Approved training providers offer a range of study options. Many classroom providers also now offer blended/online delivery options to suit individual needs. So, if you’re interested in studying online at home, or wish to combine online study with classroom sessions, speak to our training providers directly and explore the options available to you.

Below you’ll find more information about the different study options.  

Classroom learning

Classroom study is ideal for students who prefer a shared learning experience. You’ll benefit from asking the AAT tutor questions and getting the answers immediately, as well as having the opportunity to share best practice with other students.

If you’re returning to study after many years, or it's your first time in the classroom, this can be a familiar and supportive environment to learn in.

All classroom providers will be adhering to Government guidelines around social distancing.

Distance and online learning

Distance and online learning requires commitment and focus. You need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What degree of tutor support will I require through my studies?
  • Have I studied via distance learning before?
  • Am I looking to complete the course within a short time-frame?
  • Do I have the commitment and motivation to study via distance learning?

Extra support for distance learners

While distance learning is flexible, it can be more challenging that traditional classroom-based learning. You’ll need to keep your motivation levels high and set, and stick to, your own deadlines. To make life that little bit easier, we provide additional support such as the distance learning challenge: a month of emails with quick tips and tasks that will help set you up for your assessments.

If there are no training providers based in your country, you can still study via distance-learning providers.

Please note that you will need to find somewhere to take your AAT assessments.

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Blended learning

Blended learning describes programmes of study that combine distance learning with traditional classroom teaching. The distance learning element is usually through an online platform, which allows you to receive help from tutors and your fellow students.

It’s a good option if you want the flexibility of distance learning to fit around your life or to learn at your own pace, but also need the structure and support of a face to face classroom environment.

Part-time and full-time courses 

Part-time courses allow students to combine studying for AAT qualifications alongside work commitments. Studying part-time may be the best option for people who are:

  • Currently in a permanent, full-time job - they can study evening, weekend or day release courses
  • Already working in an accountancy or finance role - students can use their new skills straight away in the workplace

Full-time AAT courses are a big commitment, but students often qualify sooner than part-time students or distance learners.

What is an AAT Approved training provider?

AAT does not deliver training directly. AAT qualifications are delivered by AAT Approved training providers around the world.

In the UK alone we have over 500 AAT Approved training providers offering a range of flexible course options. They range from Further Education colleges to specialist short course centres and distance learning providers, so you will find exactly the right type to suit your study needs.

AAT training is professionally delivered at all times. All AAT Approved training providers must meet our high standards before they are approved to offer AAT qualifications. We conduct regular checks to ensure that they meet our regulatory requirements and rigorous standards.  

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