AAT assessments

How you'll be assessed

When studying an AAT qualification, your knowledge and skills will be tested via computer based assessments (CBAs). These are administered by AAT training providers or assessment centres and run entirely on PCs or laptops. 

Computer based assessments 

Our computer based assessments are marked one of three ways:

  • wholly computer marked, and so results will be available automatically
  • partially computer marked and partially human marked, and so results will be available within six weeks
  • wholly human marked, and so results will be available within six weeks.

When are you assessed?

You will sit assessments when you're ready, as agreed with your training provider. You will need to check with your training provider as to the availability and schedule for completing your assessments. 

In September 2016 we introduced a new type of assessment - synoptic assessments. Synoptic assessments will test your understanding of connections between the different topics covered across the qualification. Synoptic assessments are sat towards the end of a qualification and are taken at specific times of the year.

View the schedule for synoptic assessment sittings


Assessment fees range between £70-£80 depending on the qualification you are studying. Assessment fees are paid to the training provider or the AAT Approved assessment venue. You should check whether these are included in your overall training provider fee.

Where will you sit your assessments?

Training provider
If you are studying via classroom learning you will sit your assessments with your AAT Approved training provider.

Find an AAT training provider

AAT Approved assessment venue
If you are studying via distance learning you can sit your assessments with an AAT Approved assessment venue.

Find an AAT assessment venue

Getting your results 

  • Results for computer marked assessments will be available within 24 hours.
  • Results for human marked assessments will continue to be made available within 6 weeks.
  • Results for synoptic assessments will continue to be made available within 6 weeks of the last day of the synoptic window.
  • Find out how our marking system works (PDF)