AAT Customer Charter

The AAT Customer Charter is a statement on what we promise to you. It includes information on our vision, our responsibilities as an organisation, what we expect of you, customer service standards and corporate social responsibility goals.

Our vision - to put AAT at the heart of every business

Our aim is to:

  • Make AAT essential for people, businesses and organisations
  • Offer qualifications of a high standard that reflect the skills needed to work in accountancy and related fields
  • Promote awareness of AAT and the skills of our students and members
  • Offer anyone involved with us appropriate support, ¬†information and resources
  • Help students and members achieve their potential through training and continuing professional development

Our approach is to:

  • Be transparent in the way we work
  • Be open to everyone interested in the opportunities we offer
  • Set and raise standards in the accountancy sector whenever possible
  • Respond to new ideas and to look for new ways to offer support

Our Customer Charter

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