AAT Customer Charter

The AAT Customer Charter is a statement on what we promise to you. It includes information on our vision, our responsibilities as an organisation, what we expect of you, customer service standards and corporate social responsibility goals.

Our vision - to put AAT at the heart of every business

Our aim is to:

  • Make AAT essential for people, businesses and organisations
  • Offer qualifications of a high standard that reflect the skills needed to work in accountancy and related fields
  • Promote awareness of AAT and the skills of our students and members
  • Offer anyone involved with us appropriate support,  information and resources
  • Help students and members achieve their potential through training and continuing professional development

Our approach is to:

  • Be transparent in the way we work
  • Be open to everyone interested in the opportunities we offer
  • Set and raise standards in the accountancy sector whenever possible
  • Respond to new ideas and to look for new ways to offer support

Customer charter

Our responsibilities - what we promise to you

We promise to:

  • Treat you equally whatever your age, gender, ethnicity, religion or disability - read our equal opportunities policy
  • Provide you with a prompt, knowledgeable and friendly service
  • Give you accurate and up to date information and advice
  • Train our staff effectively so that they can offer you the best possible service
  • Monitor and work to improve the quality of our service
  • Keep you informed of updates to the qualifications and services we provide
  • Monitor and maintain the quality of training at AAT approved training providers. Details of quality assurance procedures are available in our Code of Practice which is issued to all training providers
  • Follow appropriate regulatory guidelines from Ofqual, SQA Accreditation, Qualifications Wales and CCEA

As an awarding body, AAT is regulated by Ofqual, SQA Accreditation, Qualifications Wales and CCEA.

Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland - phone +44 (0)300 303 3344

SQA Accreditation (Scottish Qualifications Authority) in Scotland - phone +44 (0)845 279 1000

Qualifications Wales in Wales – phone +44 (0)333 077 2701

CCEA (Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment) in Northern Ireland – phone +44 (0)2890 261200

Your responsibilities - what we ask of you

We ask that you help us by:

  • Providing us with complete and accurate information
  • Telling us immediately of any change in your circumstances, for example, a change of address 
  • Quoting your AAT membership number, training provider number or other reference when you contact us

Professional standards

AAT expects high standards of competence and professional conduct from all of its members. Every AAT member must adhere to our Code of Professional Ethics. Read more about AAT's professional standards.

Our customer service standards

We aim to:

  • Answer direct line telephone calls within three rings
  • Answer calls to our Membership Support contact centre within two minutes
  • Reply to emails and letters within 5 working days
  • Register a student member within 3 working days.

Our corporate social responsibility

AAT recognises that its operations inevitably have an impact on wider environmental, economic and social issues. These issues are an integral part of our business plan, vision, mission and strategic objectives. We are committed to continuous improvements in environmental, economic and social sustainability. We will comply with all European law applicable to environmental legislation, regulations, approved codes of practice and other external requirements applicable to our business.

Our goals are:

  • Environmental sustainability
    To reduce the environmental impact of AAT operations and protect natural resources wherever possible.
  • Economic sustainability
    To improve the economic value to society from our services through growth and diversification.
  • Social sustainability
    To have highly engaged and diverse employees. To continuously improve the standards and quality of our products and services, and our reputation in the marketplace.

Making a complaint

Find out how to make a complaint about: