AAT Boards and Council

In September 2018, a board structure was set up to simplify the decision-making process. This structure allows AAT to respond more quickly to external changes, and encourages the generation of new ideas.

The boards are accountable to the AAT Council: they implement policy within a set framework, and make decisions on expenditure within the resources that Council allocates.


Has the overall responsibility for establishing and overseeing AAT’s strategic direction. It delivers on this in accordance with AAT’s Articles of Association.

Management Board

Responsible for the development of AAT’s business plan and the monitoring of performance against key measures in accordance with the strategic direction and policies as set by Council.

Audit Board 

To review on behalf of Council matters concerning accounting, financial reporting and internal control and risk assessment relating to AAT and its subsidiaries.

Nominations and Governance Board 

Responsible for the appointment processes for the Vice President, Elected members of Council and Independent members of Council and supporting boards. To advise Council on matters relating to the governance of the Association.

Remuneration Board 

To oversee the remuneration policy against which the Executive Team and graded staff salaries are determined and monitor the framework for the remuneration of staff.

Awarding Organisation Compliance Board 

To secure and maintain AAT’s continuing recognition and compliance in relation to the regulatory requirements of UK and international qualifications regulators.

Professional Regulation and Standards Compliance Board 

To secure and maintain and develop AAT’s high standards in relation to membership eligibility, professional conduct, ethics and disciplinary procedures.

Members’ Assembly

Provide a voice for wider AAT membership and to provide feedback to Council on policy issues and matters of wider concern affecting the membership as a whole.