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Qualifications 2022

On 1 September 2022 we'll be introducing updated versions of some of our qualifications.

For all the latest information about the launch and the details you need to be aware of, please go to our dedicated Qualifications 2022 page.

Scheduling assessments

For help with scheduling assessments, you can view our SecureAssess user guide for help navigating the platform.

Most assessments can be scheduled up to 28 days in advance. For live synoptic assessments, these will only become available on the scheduling wizard 28 days (for Foundation and Professional) or 14 days (for Advanced) before each synoptic window opens.

Remote invigilation (RI) assessments must be scheduled two days in advance.

View the synoptic calendar

Key codes

Key codes should only be submitted once a student is present and about to sit the assessment.

If an assessment needs to be voided and a key code has already been entered, the assessment cannot be rescheduled for 31 days. An incident report would need to be sent in for us to review and decide if we can schedule the assessment sooner than the 31-day deadline. 

If any candidate is absent for the assessment or is present but makes no attempt to open the assessment, the candidate should be marked as "Void: Not yet started". This includes where scheduling errors have been made by the CBA administrator. Assessment centres will not be invoiced for an assessment if the terms and conditions have not been accepted by the candidate.

SecureAssess support

You can find all the information you need to run and support computer-based assessments (CBAs) through AAT’s assessment platform, SecureAssess.

You'll be able to view helpful instructional videos and troubleshooting guides for when you're running live assessments as well as which version of SecureAssess you need to be using.

Go to SecureAssess support

Issues during a live assessment

You can find help and support guides on our dedicated Computer Based Assessments support page. 

For assessments that include the use of third party software, AAT is unable to provide technical support. We recommend contacting your ICT department or the software suppliers for help.

If you're still experiencing issues, please contact our Centre Support team on +44 (0)20 3735 2443.

Reasonable Adjustments and Special Consideration for assessments

A Reasonable Adjustment is an arrangement that can be put in place to help students with a long-term disability such as dyslexia, or who are temporarily impaired, such as a student who has broken their arm, to do their best. For example, applying extra time for students with dyslexia, or the use of a Scribe for a student with a broken arm.

Special Consideration is a process which takes into account the student’s circumstances, for example, a temporary illness or injury, or some other event outside of their control, at or shortly before the time of assessment, that has or is likely to have had an effect on their ability to take the assessment, in light of the result that has been/will be issued.

For details, including application forms and instructions, see the Reasonable adjustments and special consideration page

View and renew your students, and update their details

View and renew your students in your centre services.

To discuss any other changes to your students, contact our Centre Support team on +44 (0)20 3735 2443 or email us. Please use the email address for your MyAAT login and we won't need to confirm your identity.

Register new staff and update staff details at your centre

Update staff details at your centre using the "Manage staff access to services" link on your MyAAT dashboard.

If you're unable to access the service, contact our Centre Support team on +44 (0)20 3735 2443 or email us. Please use the email address for your MyAAT login and we won't need to confirm your identity.

Generating payment codes for students

If you plan to cover the registration or reinstatement fees for your students, you can generate a payment code using the online payment code generator.

If you need more information first, see the Payment codes for student registration page.

Once it's been successfully used by a student, AAT will invoice the centre.

You will not be invoiced if a generated code is unused.

If a student is having trouble using the payment code, try the following troubleshooting options.

  • Make sure the code is entered manually, not copied and pasted.
  • Make sure the correct training provider was selected during the registration.
  • Try using a different web browser and/or device.

Changes to Advanced Diploma Synoptic assessment (AVSY) from September 2021

As of September:

  • the AVSY assessment is changing, and being renamed to ADSY
  • Spreadsheets for Accounting (SPSH) is assessed as a standalone assessment.

For full details and instructions, see the Advanced Diploma Synoptic assessment changes from September 2021 page.

Get help using SEPA

You can download SEPA handbooks via the resources tab on SEPA.

The handbooks cover apprentice registrations and EPA scheduling.

If you require additional help, please contact our Centre Support team on +44 (0)20 3735 2443 or email us. Please use the email address for your MyAAT login and we won't need to confirm your identity.

Access the AAT Lifelong Learning Portal

You can access all our study support resources through the AAT Lifelong Leaning Portal as long as you’re a member of centre staff with a Tutor or Exams Officer role.

This link can also be found on the Training and assessments page under the "Study support" heading.

It includes access to practice assessments, e-learning tools, standards, guidance documents and more.

Training provider and assessment fees

You can view our most up-to-date fees on the Training provider, assessment and student fees page.

Offer AAT courses at your centre

Wherever you are in the world, our internationally-renowned AAT finance qualifications offer opportunities for your organisation to reach new prospective student groups and draw on extra revenue streams.

We have a proven track record of providing the practical accounting and finance skills employers want – so you can deliver AAT qualifications safe in the knowledge there's a demand in the market.

Find out more about delivering AAT qualifications

Become an AAT training provider

Please follow the steps to apply to become an AAT training provider.

If you'd like guidance on becoming an AAT Approved training provider and joining our international approved training provider network, speak to one of our helpful advisors on +44(0)20 3735 2434 or email us.

Our lines are open Monday to Friday 09.00–17.00 UK time. You can also request a call back.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) update

Updates in relation to Covid-19 will be announced via this dedicated page and the usual digital channels. You can follow AAT on Twitter and on Facebook for updates.

Some key points:

  • Assessments are available: AAT assessments remain available. Training providers and assessment venues that are able to remain open for assessments in line with their local guidance must continue to adhere to all Covid-19 safety regulations and guidance, and should consider moving to increased levels of online learning where possible. Read more about assessments during coronavirus.
  • Remote invigilation allows students to sit assessments from their own home. It's available for some of our assessments. Read our dedicated page on remote invigilation.

We'll keep you up to date through social media and your regular emails.

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