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ATLAS Cloud assessment support

For help with Atlas Cloud assessments, you can view our Atlas Cloud support page for help navigating & troubleshooting the platform.

Students accessing assessments

This is the area of ATLAS Cloud that shows students the details of their scheduled and sat assessments.

On the day of the assessment, students should access the Candidate Catalogue page via the latest version of Chrome and log in using their credentials. When they click on the assessment they're due to sit, they will be asked to download or launch the secure browser. As it should have already been installed, the student should click Launch. The secure browser will then open and will run security system requirements checks before launching the assessment.

The link for students to access Candidate Catalogue is

When a student is first scheduled for an assessment, they'll receive an email with a link to ATLAS Cloud. Their username will be their AAT ID and they'll be able to set up their password.

Please note the email is only sent once the first live or practice assessment is scheduled, the student will not have to create a password for future assessments.

The secure browser should be installed in advance, and students should be encouraged to set up their ATLAS Cloud account ahead of the sitting, to avoid any delays to the start of their assessment.

If a student has forgotten their AAT ID, you will be able to retrieve it from the test session in TCA. If they have forgotten their password, they can reset this via the "Password reset" link on the ATLAS Cloud login page but will then need to access their email.

Students will not be able to access Candidate Catalogue until they have been scheduled for their first assessment. 

Reasonable Adjustments and Special Consideration for assessments

A Reasonable Adjustment is an arrangement that can be put in place to help students with a long-term disability such as dyslexia, or who are temporarily impaired, such as a student who has broken their arm, to do their best. For example, applying extra time for students with dyslexia, or the use of a Scribe for a student with a broken arm.

Special Consideration is a process which takes into account the student’s circumstances, for example, a temporary illness or injury, or some other event outside of their control, at or shortly before the time of assessment, that has or is likely to have had an effect on their ability to take the assessment, in light of the result that has been/will be issued.

For details, including application forms and instructions, see the Reasonable adjustments and special consideration page

Setting up your Multi-factor authentication (MFA) account for MyAAT login

If you're a training provider, you'll need to set up a Multi-factor authentication (MFA) account to access your MyAAT account. You'll be prompted to if you haven't set it up already.

If you have access to another phone or tablet device, you'll need to download and install a Multi-factor authentication (MFA) app - such as Microsoft Authenticator, Google Authenticator or Authy, if you don’t have one already. You'll then use the MFA app to scan the QR code. Please ensure you follow all steps in the guidance presented on the set up of your MFA account page.

If you don't have access to another device or an app store, you can use an Authenticator extension for browsers. This must be the same browser you're using to log in to the AAT website. Follow the relevant guidance to find the suitable Authenticator extension for the browser you're using:

  • Chrome, Edge or Firefox: download an authenticator extension and follow the guidance.
  • Safari: right click the QR code and select “Set Up Verification Code”. Follow the guidance on screen then “Add Verification Code” to
  • Another browser: search for authenticator extensions that are suitable for your browser. 

How to access your online centre services

 If you're unable to access the service, contact our Centre Support team on +44 (0)20 3735  2443 or email us. Please use the email address for your MyAAT login and we won't need to confirm your identity.

View and remove your students, and update their details

View and remove your students in your centre services.

To discuss any other changes to your students, contact our Centre Support team on +44 (0)20 3735 2443 or email us. Please use the email address for your MyAAT login and we won't need to confirm your identity.

Students cannot login to ATLAS Cloud or they have forgotten their password

In order for students to avoid delays when sitting their assessments, they should follow these steps well in advance of their assessment day: 

  • check their emails from where they can set up their ATLAS Cloud account 
  • remember, their username is always their AAT number 
  • if they need to update their password, please get them to do this before the day of their assessment to avoid any delays 
  • remind students to keep all passwords safe and not to confuse their MyAAT password with their ATLAS Cloud password.

Students are unable to access reference material within an assessment

The best way to help students with accessing reference material is to encourage them to familiarise themselves with practice assessments within the Learning Portal. By doing this, students will have a better understanding of the assessment layout as well as how to access reference material. Within the assessment, students need to click on the ‘Reference button’ to open the reference material window, then click on any links within that to see the information. If more than one is available, students can click ‘Back’ in the top left corner of the reference window to see any others.

Students get a notification to say "not all questions have been answered"

When progressing through an assessment, students should provide a response for all sub-tasks to ensure this message is not displayed to them. Students can return to a question and click "Edit" to amend or edit their answers as long as a response has been provided in the first place.

The assessment doesn't appear to have submitted properly

If a student has clicked "submit" and the assessment still appears to have not been submitted, it’s vital students do not attempt to re-launch or re-enter the assessment as this will cause data loss.

You can check the status of the assessment via the invigilation screen. On the PC that the assessment was sat on, log in to TCA via Chrome and click Test Recovery then follow the instructions to launch the secure browser and submit the assessment.  

Students have reported issues regarding the in-application questions (use of Excel) in Tasks 5 and 6

A common cause for this is when training providers reset or wipe their students’ network profiles/logins after each assessment sitting, which in turn, can cause the Excel application to act in a way that thinks it is being used for the first time. 
If your IT policy is to reset student profiles/logins on a regular basis, you can improve the assessment experience by following these steps before each MATS assessment sitting: 

  • open Excel and wait for it to fully load 
  • you may be presented with various pop-up dialogue boxes or messages, such as privacy agreements or update notifications. If so, please read and agree/close any of these dialogues or messages 
  • once all pop-up dialogues and messages have been addressed and closed, please close Excel. It's important that Excel is closed at this stage. You can confirm this by checking that the Excel icon is no longer present in the taskbar or by using task manager to end any Excel processes if needed
  • after Excel has been closed, students can proceed to log into the candidate portal via Google Chrome to sit launch the assessment
  • when students access tasks 5 and 6, the Excel spreadsheet will automatically open and present a message to "Enable Macros" – it’s important that students enable Macros to access the content. 

View our updated ATLAS Cloud troubleshooting guide

Get help using SEPA

You can download SEPA handbooks via the resources tab on SEPA.

The handbooks cover apprentice registrations and EPA scheduling.

If you require additional help, please contact our Centre Support team on +44 (0)20 3735 2443 or email us. Please use the email address for your MyAAT login and we won't need to confirm your identity.

Access the AAT Lifelong Learning Portal

You can access all our study support resources through the AAT Lifelong Leaning Portal as long as you’re a member of centre staff with a Tutor or Exams Officer role.

This link can also be found on the Training and assessments page under the "Study support" heading.

It includes access to practice assessments, e-learning tools, standards, guidance documents and more.

Training provider and assessment fees

You can view our most up-to-date fees on the Training provider, assessment and student fees page.

Offer AAT courses at your centre

Wherever you are in the world, our internationally-renowned AAT finance qualifications offer opportunities for your organisation to reach new prospective student groups and draw on extra revenue streams.

We have a proven track record of providing the practical accounting and finance skills employers want – so you can deliver AAT qualifications safe in the knowledge there's a demand in the market.

Find out more about delivering AAT qualifications.

Become an AAT training provider

Please follow the steps to apply to become an AAT training provider.

If you'd like guidance on becoming an AAT Approved training provider and joining our international approved training provider network, speak to one of our helpful advisors on +44(0)20 3735 2434 or email us.

Our lines are open Monday to Friday 09.00–17.00 UK time. You can also request a call back.

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