AAT announces calculated results for two qualifications and remote invigilation

14 May 2020

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AAT is delighted to announce two major developments to help students progress through their qualifications during the coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdown period.

Remote invigilation

We are working towards making remote invigilation available from August 2020.

Over the last few weeks we've been exploring options to ensure we have a robust and secure way of delivering assessments that also satisfies our obligations as an Ofqual regulated awarding organisation with qualifications listed on the Key Stage 5 performance tables.

Assessments will be available in a phased approach and a revised synoptic schedule for impacted assessments will be published shortly. We are targeting August for delivery of the following assessments:

  • Advanced Diploma in Accounting – Level 3 (Level 6 in Scotland):
    • Advanced Bookkeeping (AVBK)
    • Financial Accounts Preparation (FAPR)
    • Management Accounting: Costing (MMAC)
  • Professional Diploma in Accounting – Level 4 (Level 8 in Scotland):
    • Professional Diploma Synoptic Assessment (PDSY)

Other assessments will follow.

Unfortunately, not all assessments can be taken via remote invigilation for security reasons and AAT is continuing to investigate possible alternative solutions where remote invigilation cannot work.

To access remote invigilation, students will need equipment at home which meets specific technical requirements. As such, we recognise that remote invigilation may not be accessible to all students. More detailed information will be published on the dedicated Covid-19 updates page as soon as it is available.

AAT CEO Mark Farrar says: "AAT is adapting each day to consider new ways to engage our members and customers, and to provide suitable support and services throughout this challenging period. We're conscious of the need to support our wide range of students and training providers, and confident we now have solutions that can work for many of our students. We are excited by the opportunity to use different technology to deliver assessments and help our students on their journey to complete their qualifications."

Calculated results for two Level 2 qualifications

We have also been in regular discussion with Ofqual to establish an agreed approach to providing outcomes for our qualifications in line with the recent announcement to develop an "extraordinary regulatory framework" to deliver results for regulated vocational and technical qualifications.

Following these discussions, it has been agreed that we will calculate results for students who could reasonably have been expected to complete the following qualifications this summer:

  • Foundation Certificate in Accounting – Level 2
  • Foundation Diploma in Accounting and Business – Level 2.

Calculated results will be issued on 13 August 2020. We will contact all training providers with students that are eligible for calculated results shortly.

Method of calculating results

We will calculate a percentage mark for the Foundation Synoptic Assessment (FSYA) only for any student who has already successfully completed the first three units which contribute to the assessed content of the synoptic:

  • Bookkeeping Transactions (BTRN)
  • Bookkeeping Controls (BKCL)
  • Elements of Costing (ELCO).

The calculation will be based on students' performance in the contributing units, taking into consideration the performance of previous student cohorts. All calculated results will be based on the same formula. The mark generated for FSYA will then be used to generate an overall qualification grade, providing the student has also completed Using Accounting Software (UACS).

For students who still need to complete UACS or the additional units within the Diploma, recognition of prior learning (RPL) may be used, up to a maximum of 50% of the qualification (not including synoptic assessment).

Other qualifications

The regulators require that any calculation of results is statistically valid, based on trusted evidence, and appropriate for the purpose of the qualification. Additionally, where qualifications are designed to signal occupational or professional competence, calculated results have not been deemed appropriate. Taking these factors into consideration, AAT is not able to calculate results for its other qualifications.

Keep up to date with developments on the dedicated Covid-19 updates page.