The Student Advisory Group

Our Student Advisory Group includes students who want to help shape the future direction of our products and services.

From the study support we offer to how we communicate with you, the Student Advisory Group plays a vital role in how AAT develops. 

We have 70,000 students studying with different methods. The group helps us adapt to their wants and needs, helping them progress through their AAT qualifications with confidence.

Applications are currently closed, but if you're interested please keep an eye on your AAT Weekly emails, which will let you know when we're looking to recruit members again.

Reasons to join
Enhanced learning
Networking opportunities
Professional development
Influence change
A select group

Enhanced learning

Be a part of a collaborative and confidential learning environment where you can engage in discussions, ask questions, and share knowledge with other like-minded students.

Your commitment

We ask for applicants to be committed to the Student Advisory Group for a 12-month period.

  • Four meetings per year (our aim is to hold a meeting every quarter).
  • Three online meetings and one face-to-face meeting (with all expenses covered).
  • Each meeting will last 90 minutes maximum.
  • The meetings are designed to be focused on qualifications, communications, study support, student experience, barriers to progression, and career development.
  • After all four meetings have concluded, we'll begin the next phase of recruitment for the following 12 months.

Applications are currently closed

We'll update you in your AAT Weekly email when we're looking to recruit members again.