Employing apprentices: how to get started

How to launch your apprenticeship scheme in seven steps

To launch a successful accounting apprenticeship scheme, you need:

  • a defined role in your finance team that you'll fill or create through an apprenticeship
  • one or more qualifications the apprentice will earn
  • an apprenticeship programme that can deliver the education and experience needed to acquire those qualifications.

AAT is here to help. Our guide to launching an apprenticeship in seven easy steps will walk you through the process, from job description to funding.

Setting up an apprenticeship scheme

"The setup is largely managed by your training provider."

Many organisations think apprenticeships are hard to set up. However, AAT and your training provider will provide lots of support, so you won’t be bombarded with forms and paperwork. Your employee's training provider will do most of the administration for you, including a health and safety check.

Setting up an apprenticeship is all to do with your relationship with your training provider. They do most of the work.
Catherine Walsh, Human Resources Director, Buzzacott

How much support do apprentices need?

"It’s no different to usual line management"

Apprenticeships don't use a lot of time from a hiring manager. You'll even have access to a talent coach who'll guide you and your apprentice.

Questions about getting started with apprenticeships?

Speak to our advisors on +44(0)20 3735 2434, book a meeting with our employer team or download your apprenticeship guide. We can help you decide on the right apprenticeship for your business and identify a local training provider. Our lines are open Monday to Friday 09.00–17.00 UK time.