Find an apprenticeship

Looking for an accounting apprenticeship is just like searching for a regular accounting or finance job. There are many places to find an apprenticeship vacancy:

Apprenticeship job search

To find an apprenticeship in the UK you can search the following websites by region and type of apprenticeship:

It may help to add "AAT" or "accounting" in the job title of your search.

Search AAT apprenticeships

Use the AAT job search to find apprenticeship vacancies in England.

Local apprenticeship matching service

Many colleges and AAT approved training providers have connections to local employers. Use our handy directory to find training providers in your area; contact them to see if they offer an apprenticeship matching service.

Follow @StudyAAT on Twitter

Through our @StudyAAT account we tweet UK accounting apprenticeship vacancies and the latest apprenticeship news.

Jobs sites

Employers advertise apprenticeship vacancies on job sites such as:

Some of these will allow you to upload your CV so that employers can search for you. You can also set up email alerts for vacancies that match your chosen criteria such as location, job category or keywords.

Approach employers directly

If there’s an employer you’d like to work with, why not approach them directly to see if there are any opportunities available?

Already in an accounting or finance role?

If you already in an accounting or finance role you may be able to do an apprenticeship without moving to another organisation.

Speak to an AAT advisor on +44 (0)20 3735 2434

Our AAT advisors can explain how to go about starting an accounting apprenticeship at your current workplace.

Speak to your employer

If you are interested in becoming an accounting apprentice talk to your employer. If they are not familiar with how apprenticeships work, our AAT advisors can talk them through everything they need to know. Ask your employer to call us on +44(0)20 3735 2434.

Find a training provider

Once your employer is on board, they will need to find a training provider to deliver your training. They may already have a relationship with a local college or they can search our directory of AAT approved training providers. The training provider will set up the training with your employer, agreeing start dates, course timetables and funding. You can then enrol as an apprentice.