Computer based assessment (CBA) support

This page contains all the information you will need to run and support computer-based assessments (CBAs) through AAT’s assessment platform.

Assessment platform - downtime in March 2019

We’re upgrading our assessment platform (SecureClient) to a new version, Surpass 12. This is because Adobe will no longer support Flash, which is the software used to develop our assessments. We will need to take the service down for a period of time to complete the upgrade.

The service will be unavailable from 01.00 on Thursday 7 March until 09.00 on Monday 11 March 2019.

During the downtime, you and your students will not be able to schedule, sit or mark assessments.

The new Surpass 12 SecureClient will be available for you to download and test from 09.00 on Monday 11 March 2019.

Your next steps…

There are some important steps you need to take before and after the downtime to ensure you’re fully prepared for the Surpass 12 update:

  1. Ensure that all assessments have been submitted and that none are in ‘Awaiting Upload’ state prior to the downtime.
  2. Uninstall the current Surpass 11 SecureClient and then install and test the new Surpass 12 SecureClient before any live assessments are scheduled and sat. Updated user guides on how to do this and test the assessment platform will be made available on this page closer to the downtime.
  3. Following the upgrade, any assessments you schedule will only run on Surpass 12. The previous version of Surpass 11 cannot be used.

Make sure you’re prepared for the upgrade and please share information with relevant colleagues. 

Download frequently asked questions about the upgrade (PDF) 

We’ll be releasing results for human-marked assessments slightly earlier during the week when downtime commences. For synoptic assessments sat and submitted between 21–27 January 2019 and non-synoptic assessments sat and submitted between 28 January–3 February, these results will now be released to Your Assessment Results, via MyAAT, on Tuesday 5 March 2019.

SecureAssess and SecureClient versions

It is important that you are using the latest versions, which are (as of 17 November 2017):

  • SecureAssess:
  • SecureClient Central (web):
  • SecureClient Central (installed):

If you're seeing previous versions, please refer to the Post-SecureAssess downtime guide (PDF) to update them.

Support material and important information

From now on, we highly recommend that you and your students use Internet Explorer when carrying out any of the following activities:

  • Accessing practice assessments in the Study Support Search.
  • Taking non-invigilated assessments from home, specifically uploading documents for End Point Assessments and recognition of prior learning.
  • Internally assessing recognition of prior learning.
  • Scheduling and invigilating practice assessments on behalf of students. 

If you are not able to use Internet Explorer, you can find out how to enable Flash for other web browsers.

User guides

Download the following PDFs for support on installing and using the SecureAssess and SecureClient systems:

Instructional videos

The following videos will assist you in using SecureAssess; you may need to download Adobe Shockwave Player to view them. They will open in a new window:

Student support

Visit the following webpages to access further information on how to support students sitting their assessments and once they have received their results: 

Frequently asked questions

The following FAQs may also assist you with running computer based assessments:

We have created a number of troubleshooting guides to help you with your SecureAssess queries. Each link will open in a new window.

Live assessment queries

Marking and verification queries

Post assessment query

Let us know what you think of these troubleshooting guides.

SecureAssess quizzes

Ideal for new staff members or anyone new to using SecureAssess, they'll tell you how well you know SecureAssess (and the correct answer if needed).

Each link will open in a new window.

AQ2016 graded qualifications

To view your students' percentage results for graded AQ2016 qualifications, log into your Centre Assessment Results online service via MyAAT. This information is also accessible to students via the Your Assessment Results service when they log into MyAAT.

Training Provider Webinars

We have created several webinars that cover a wide range of topics for Training Providers and Venues. You can join our upcoming sessions and view previously recorded versions on the Training Provider webinars page.