Surpass Viewer guidance and withdrawal of Flash

Adobe withdrew support for Flash on 31 December 2020 and as such, web browsers have removed the ability to run Adobe Flash.

We’ve delivered a solution which allows you to access qualification content which uses Flash (including scheduling and invigilating live assessments, taking practice assessments online and marking assessments) beyond 2020. 

Introducing Surpass Viewer

Surpass Viewer is a custom browser (like Internet Explorer, Chrome etc) with Flash embedded.

Whether you're a training provider, assessment venue, marker, EQA, Internal Verifier or a student registered for a qualification, you'll need to download and install this new browser in order to access the following services.

Training providers, assessment venues, markers, EQAs and Internal Verifiers

  • Scheduling
  • Invigilating
  • Marking assessments


Practice assessments are now accessible via Surpass Viewer.

Follow these steps to access practice assessments.

  • Download and install Surpass Viewer.
  • Visit the AAT Lifelong Learning Portal. When you navigate to your chosen practice assessment, you’ll be prompted to download Surpass Viewer from this page in order to view the content if you haven't installed it already.
  • If you've already installed Surpass Viewer, when you select your practice assessment it will start in Surpass Viewer automatically.

Throughout December 2020 we’ll be phasing out access to the current browser version of practice assessments so please ensure you've taken the steps to download Surpass Viewer.

If you experience any issues while sitting practice assessments via the Surpass Viewer, please see our Online practice assessment access and troubleshooting guide (PDF).

Download and install Surpass Viewer

Click the link below and follow the on-screen instructions.

Download Surpass Viewer

Why we've taken this approach

Following a series of reviews with our assessment platform provider and extensive internal and external testing, we concluded that this approach is the best way to continue delivering our existing content to you.

Surpass Viewer has a stable version of Flash embedded. To mitigate against security concerns, it will only work with allowed and trusted assessment platform sites as well as AAT practice assessments, so will not be susceptible to the wider browser-based security risks associated with Flash. 

Guidance and support

If you need support downloading Surpass Viewer, we've created some guidance documents to help you.

For any additional support queries relating to Surpass Viewer please email us at