Apply to join the AAT Employer Scheme

The AAT Employer Scheme recognises employers who support their finance staff with AAT training and membership, and ongoing professional development. It's free to join. 

Before you apply ...
Who can apply?
Length of membership
No fees


Are you applying on behalf of your department, office or organisation?

If different departments or offices have separate training and development policies, you should apply for the individual department or office to be a member of the AAT Employer Scheme.

If the training and development policies cover everyone in the organisation, you can apply for the whole organisation to become a member.

Membership criteria

Your organisation needs to:

  • have a training and development policy for all staff. The policy should include study towards professional AAT qualifications and continuing professional development (CPD)
  • recognise and support a range of methods by which their staff members can meet their training needs.

All staff need to:

  • understand their roles within the organisation and how they contribute to the organisation's overall objectives
  • have an appraisal at least once a year to review performance and to highlight training and development needs for the coming year. The appraisal must cover training and development undertaken in the previous year and how this has contributed to the individual's professional development
  • keep records of the professional development they undertake, and make these available to AAT for inspection if selected for monitoring.

Supporting information

You'll need to demonstrate how your department, office or organisation meets the training needs of your AAT members. You must provide these two forms of evidence:

  • training and development policy
  • details of internal and external training.