Nothing showcases the positive impact our qualifications have more than our members. By becoming an AAT case study you can help us inspire the next generation of accountants and show the world that this is one of the best professions in the world.

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Our case studies are at the heart of our brand and communications.

Case studies allow us to show real-life examples of how we fulfil the needs of our students, members and businesses and help them reach their goals.

The advantages of dyslexia in accountancy

"My message to people with dyslexia is not to be afraid, but to make the most of your different perspective." - Robert Albert MAAT.

Kofi Abedi-Boafo meets the mentor - Chris Argent, CFO and digital-transformation guru

Kofi got into accountancy through the charity Leadership Through Sport & Business, he meets Chris to come up with a careers plan.

Being an AAT case study is a great opportunity to tell your story. By agreeing to become a case study, you’re committing to help us in our communications.

We may also approach you with the opportunity to participate in a photo shoot or video. Don't worry, there are no complicated lighting rigs or big production crew in tow, we just try to capture you going about your day-to-day life in your work environment.