Diagnostic tests

Testing your professional ethics and anti-money laundering knowledge

If you are providing or planning to provide services to clients as a self-employed bookkeeper or accountant, it is essential you understand your ethical obligations and the anti-money laundering controls and monitoring to be applied in accordance with the current Money Laundering Regulations.

We have two online diagnostic tests to test your knowledge of these areas. These tests are used:

  • As part of the application process for an AAT licence
  • As a CPD tool

What do the tests involve?

Both tests consist of multiple choice questions and should take about 20 minutes each to complete. You will be able to see your results immediately. Don’t worry if you do not pass first time, you will be able to try another attempt, however each test will not consist of the same questions. You will be able to view previous test results to track your progress.

Get started: take the tests 

Take the diagnostic tests now 

Meeting AAT licence requirements

If you are taking the diagnostic tests as part of your application for an AAT licence, you will need to get scores of 71% or over. 

When you apply for an AAT licence you will be asked to confirm that you have successfully passed the tests. You do not need to send evidence of your online test scores as part of your application: we are automatically notified of your score. However, you may be able to print a certificate for your records if you wish.