Fellow membership (FMAAT)

Reward yourself with AAT fellow membership

Fellow membership is the highest level of membership you can achieve within AAT. Over 6,000 of AAT’s professional members currently hold this senior status. Our fellow members have senior experience, advanced expertise and sustained professionalism. Members can apply for FMAAT status when they have been a MAAT for five years or more.

When you’re a fellow, you will:

  • Be able to use the letters FMAAT after your name, giving you increased status in the accountancy and wider business world
  • Have a status that reflects your senior experience and gives you increased recognition with employers
  • Demonstrate your loyalty to AAT and commitment to ongoing professional development
  • Be issued with a new certificate to demonstrate your senior status
  • Continue to receive access to AAT’s wide range of professional benefits and support services

Apply for AAT fellow membership 


To become an AAT fellow member (FMAAT), you will need to pay an admin fee. Your annual membership fee is payable when your existing membership subscription expires. See current fees.

Reinstate your membership 

If you have previously been an AAT fellow member, download the fellow membership reinstatement form (PDF) to join us again.