Become an AAT Licensed Accountant or Bookkeeper

We support over 4,000 AAT Licensed Accountants and Bookkeepers in running their own successful practices. It’s your opportunity to:

  • increase your earning potential – the average fee income for full-time AAT Licensed Accountants who are purely self-employed is £54,500*
  • utilise your finance skills and knowledge and work with a range of clients
  • achieve a better work/life balance and job satisfaction – 92% of AAT Licensed Accountants are satisfied in their jobs*
  • start your own business as a side venture – over 30% of AAT licensed members that have their own practice are also in employed roles.

Could it be right for you?

Take a look at some of the reasons why AAT students and professional members are thinking of taking the leap, then check out stories from AAT licensed members to find out what life is like as your own boss.

Applying for your licence

If you are an AAT professional member and want to provide self-employed bookkeeping or accountancy services to the public – or you are joining an existing practice as a principal – in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man, you must hold a valid AAT licence and be supervised for anti-money laundering compliance as required by the Money Laundering Regulations 2017. While some exemptions do apply, you must apply for an AAT licence if you’re working as or holding yourself out to be in public practice as either:

  • a sole practitioner, or
  • a partner of a firm, or
  • a director or principal of a firm with at least 5% shares belonging to you, your household or your family, or
  • a designated member or member of a limited liability partnership.

Your AAT licence is a mark of professionalism and compliance, and also entitles you to a range of resources that will help you develop a successful business. Find out about your licence options and the services you can offer.

*AAT Salary Survey 2019