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We support more than 6,000 AAT Licensed Accountants and Bookkeepers in running their own successful practices.

*Research from AAT Salary Survey 2021.

Nicola's story

Build a business your way

Nicola found herself as an unemployed mum who needed to support her family. From starting her studies to growing a successful business within five years, AAT has given Nicola the opportunity to be her own boss and inspire her children to think about their careers.

Running your own practice is potentially the most rewarding step you can take in your career. You could enjoy greater freedom, have more variety and flexibility in your work, and there's higher earning potential too. Perhaps most importantly, being your own boss can bring the job satisfaction and work/life balance you’ve always wanted.

It’s an exciting opportunity – but it’s a big decision. It will mean big changes to your lifestyle and could come with some financial uncertainty while your business grows. You’ll also need to put your business skills, confidence and determination to the test in order to make your practice a success.

Licence eligibility and exemptions

Licence eligibility and exemptions

Your eligibility for a licence will depend on your membership type and how you intend to run your business. If you want to run your practice as a student or affiliate member, you won’t be able to apply for a licence and there’s separate guidance you must follow.

Find out if you're eligible or exempt

Which licence do you need?

Which licence do you need?

We offer two licence options: AAT Licensed Bookkeeper and AAT Licensed Accountant. 

AAT Licensed Bookkeepers can be approved to offer up to five services, and AAT Licensed Accountants can be approved to offer up to 18 services.

Find out which AAT licence you need to deliver your services

Benefits of your licence

The AAT licence is more than a mark of professionalism and compliance. It also entitles you to a range of resources that will help you develop a successful business. As an AAT licensed member, you'll benefit from:


AAT Licensed BookkeeperAAT Licensed Accountant
Admission fee (one-off payment)£56£56
Reinstatement fee (one-off payment)£56£56
Annual licence fee*£176£336
Reduced annual licence fee (Gross Fee Income under £12,570)n/a£236

* Annual licence fee: pro rata payment

  • If you're an existing AAT full, bookkeeping, fellow or affiliate member you'll pay a pro rata licence fee to your next renewal. For example, if your existing membership renewal is due six months after your licence approval, you'll pay a pro rata licence fee for six months, meaning 50% of the full licence fee above.
  • If you're not an existing AAT member you'll need to pay the full annual licence fee.
Licence conditions
Licence conditions

Once you're an AAT licensed member you'll need to comply with these conditions on a continuing basis.

Licensed application standards tests for applicants
Licensed application standards tests for applicants

You’ll need to pass three tests on anti-money laundering, professional ethics and practice management to show you understand your obligations.