Fellow membership (FMAAT)

Have your senior experience recognised

Have your senior experience recognised

Becoming an FMAAT shows the world you have the senior experience, advanced expertise and sustained professionalism it takes to be a leader in the finance industry.


You can apply for FMAAT status if you are a current full member (MAAT) and have been a MAAT for five continuous years or more in the period immediately prior to applying. 

If you are currently a lapsed MAAT, you will need to reinstate your full membership and then build up your five years of continuous membership to be eligible. Please note continuous years of membership accrued prior to lapsing are not taken into account.


  • Admission fee (one-off payment): £56
  • Reinstatement fee (one-off payment): £56
  • Annual membership fee: £197
  • Reduced annual membership fee: £127 if on low income or retired; £147 if studying (subject to eligibility: check if you're eligible)
    • The reduced annual membership fee must be applied for each year you remain eligible. Life members are not eligible to apply.

There's a full list of fees for all AAT memberships on the Membership fees page.

How to apply

Apply for AAT fellow membership in just three easy steps.

Step 1. Confirm you're eligible

Complete our fit and proper assessment when prompted in the application process.

Step 2. Demonstrate your work experience

To be approved as a fellow member, you’ll need to provide details of five years' senior work experience. For example, you might take sole responsibility for set tasks, have supervisory responsibilities, or undertake specialist projects.

Are you a licensed member?

If you've been a licensed member for more than five years you don't need to provide details of your work experience, as we’re aware of the work you undertake. If you’ve been licensed for less than five years, you’ll need to submit work experience for the remaining time period.

Step 3. Pay your admission fee

Once you've submitted your application you'll need to pay the one-off admission fee.

For your annual membership fee, you won't be charged the fellow membership rate until the next time you renew your membership.

Once you've completed your application, we’ll check the information you’ve supplied and if we need any further information, we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

As soon as your application is approved, we’ll contact you by email and send your FMAAT certificate to confirm your new status.

Your application can take up to ten working days to process.

Reinstate your membership

Reinstate your membership

If you've previously been an AAT fellow member and want to join us again, complete the fellow membership reinstatement form.

Once we've received your application we'll send you an email within ten working days, with details of how to pay the one-off reinstatement fee and FMAAT annual membership fee online. Your application won't be assessed until payment has been made.