Fellow membership (FMAAT)

Redefine your senior status

Showcase your senior experience, expertise and professionalism

Reward yourself with AAT fellow membership (FMAAT): the highest level of professional membership you can achieve with AAT.


You can apply for FMAAT status when you’ve been a MAAT for five years or more.


  • Admission fee (one-off payment): £49
  • Annual membership fee: £171
  • Reinstatement fee: £49
  • Reduced annual membership fee: £101

Reduced FMAAT membership is subject to eligibility and is available after 12 months of membership. Your membership must be renewed annually, and applications for reduced fees must be submitted each year as part of your renewal. Life members are not eligible.

There's a full list of fees for all AAT memberships on the Membership fees page.

Your application can take up to ten working days to process.

Reinstate your membership

Reinstate your membership

If you've previously been an AAT fellow member, download the fellow membership reinstatement form (PDF) to join us again.