Join the AAT Discipline and Conduct Panel

AAT is seeking additional volunteers to serve on the Discipline and Conduct Panel. As and when needed, you'd help the Professional Standards team appraise and make decisions on cases where a question needs to be settled about an individual’s suitability for admission to membership, or disciplinary investigations into breaches of AAT policies, regulations and/or relevant UK legislation.


The roles are open to full and fellow AAT members (MAATs and FMAATs) of at least five years' standing.

Please note that AAT would not normally consider applicants who have an unspent criminal conviction or civil sanction, are insolvent or have been the subject of a sanction by AAT or another professional body or regulator.

Essential requirements

AAT is seeking volunteers who can demonstrate the ability to:

  • analyse and evaluate data/evidence
  • distinguish and give different weight to different types of evidence (eg documentary vs hearsay/assumption)
  • be impartial and consider each case on its own merit
  • make logical and well-reasoned decisions in accordance with AAT's regulatory framework
  • work effectively as part as a team.

As an organisation AAT recognises and benefits from a diverse workforce and is keen to ensure diversity throughout the governance structure. While all applications are welcome, we would be particularly interested to hear from members with knowledge and experience in:

  • accountancy practice management
  • professional conduct, ethical and disciplinary matters
  • tax and accounting standards
  • anti-money laundering.

Positions are not remunerated but any necessary travel and related expenses will be reimbursed.

Training will be provided prior to undertaking case work.

Apply to join the panel

Complete the application form and submit it. The Professional Standards team will review your application and get back to you.

For an informal discussion about the role or if you have any queries about the application process, please email Helen Barrett, Professional Standards Manager.