Disciplinary outcome: [Member FG]

Order by consent

In the matter of

[Member FG] MAAT

Membership number



26 January 2022


[Member FG], of Q Accountants Ltd, was found to be in breach of the Code of Professional Ethics and to have posed a risk to the public and/or undermine public confidence in the Association and its members as follows:
1. Between on or around 26 May 2021 to 24 August 2021, in respect to a mandated practice assurance review, he failed to deal with the Association and parties acting on its behalf in an open, timely and cooperative manner.


Grounds for disciplinary action existed and the matter was suitable for exercise of the Investigations Team's powers under the Disciplinary Regulations.


[Member FG] is hereby:
1. Reprimanded for a period of 36-months 
2. Fined £1,000
3. Warned about his future conduct.


[Member FG] actively consented to the decision of the Investigations Team in accordance with Regulation 6 of the Disciplinary Regulations.