AAT research reveals Brits awkward interview experiences

Six in ten Brits have been left red-faced in a job interview...
Thursday 5 February 2015 - 11:45

Sing, Improvise and “What’s Your Weakness?” Brits unveil their most awkward interview experiences.

A new study by AAT has revealed six in ten Brits have been left red-faced in a job interview - by spilling drinks, tripping up and accidentally swearing.

Candidates face bizarre interview tasks 

The study of 2,000 found the quest for a job has seen people asked to sing by the interviewer or improvise a film with a potential colleague; while others ended up crying or being caught out by a lie they told on their CV.

Researchers found millions of Brits have endured interviews so awkward and embarrassing interviews, with one in 12 so ashamed they’ve even walked out before the end.
AAT’s research, also compiled the most bizarre questions candidates have ever faced, including:

  • ‘Is a Jaffa cake a cake or biscuit?’
  • ‘How would you get a hippo out of a hole’
  • ‘Are you a Corrie or an EastEnders fan?'
  • ‘Do you like to sing in the shower?’

Personal questions are the most dreaded

The data showed 30% have given awkward or cringe-worthy answers after being asked difficult questions, with ‘What are your weaknesses?’ named as the question most likely to leave us struggling for a response.

Questions like ‘Describe yourself in three words’ and ‘What’s your biggest achievement?’ are also amongst the most the top 20 most dreaded interview questions.

But for some, it’s not all bad news as a third have still gone on to get the job despite an embarrassing first encounter or question that left them completely baffled.

Aimee Bateman, AAT Official Career Coach and founder of career coaching site careercake.com, said: ''The prospect of being interrogated on our professional experience and ability is a naturally intimidating scenario and, as the results show, it’s not always easy to keep composed.

‘’The range of random and sometimes unbelievable questions or tasks candidates have been subjected to shows sometimes you just can’t predict what will be thrown at you.

‘’However, the best way to maintain composure and reduce the chances of embarrassment is to try to prepare for every possibility and be prepared to think on your feet if need be.’’