AAT Future Finance 2021 Online: June 8–11

Refocus and refresh your knowledge with a free and exclusive virtual event for AAT members.

Master 2021 challenges and seize new opportunities

We never stop learning when it comes to accounting and finance, and if we've taken anything from the last 12 months, it’s that with unexpected challenges also come new opportunities and possibilities.

Join us to learn how new technologies and innovative processes are fundamentally changing the way accountants and finance professionals work for the better.

With sessions delivered by top industry experts, you'll learn from the best on multiple topics – all from the comfort of your home.

AAT Future Finance Online is free and exclusively for AAT members. Register now to gain fresh inspiration and actionable insights you can apply directly to your work and life.

What to expect

What to expect

Three and a half days of practical learning, success stories and industry trends.

  • Free access to over 17 inspiring sessions.
  • Presentations from industry leading experts.
  • The opportunity for live Q&As.
  • A mixture of live and on-demand content.
  • Detailed support resources.
Watch live or later

Watch live or later

Our easy to use online event platform means you can tune in all day, or dip in and out of sessions. Once registered, you can either watch your sessions live or gain access to all the recordings to watch when and where you want.

Who should register?

Who should register?

We’ve handpicked speakers from across the industry to deliver tailored sessions for accountants and finance professionals working in practice, industry or the public sector, focusing on the real issues that matter to AAT members.

Whether you want to improve your digital literacy, get important industry updates or get expert advice on your next career steps there are plenty of sessions to help you strengthen your skills and boost your knowledge.

2021 programme

Build your own unique programme from a wide variety of sessions designed for those working in industry, practice and the public sector. You can register to attend just one or multiple sessions to create your own customised learning experience. You'll also gain access to all recordings for sessions you're registered for.

Day one: Tuesday 8 June 2021

09.20–10.15: How to develop a healthy business

Kick off AAT Future Finance 2021 with expert insight from our headline sponsor Xero on the new possibilities and opportunities for finance professionals in 2021 and explore how you can boost your value by making a real, measurable impact on building healthy businesses while maintaining a healthy you.

In this opening keynote you’ll also get the opportunity to hear from AAT President, David Frederick, as he starts the session with a welcome to the must-attend virtual conference for accounting and finance professionals.

Look out for more information soon on what this keynote session will cover.

This session is sponsored by Xero.

Speaker: Glen Foster

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11.00–11.45: Charity accounts – essential updates and refresher

Focusing on the specific requirements of the charity and not-for-profit sector, this session will take a detailed look at the recent findings from the Charity Commission and amendments to the Charities SORP (FRS 102), as well as updates on the directions for independent examinations.

Perfect for all finance professionals working in or engaged by charities in relation to accounting, reporting and governance.

During this session you’ll learn:

  • what’s new in the Charities SORP
  • what changes are on the horizon
  • a practical refresher on all key areas of charity accounting.

Speaker: Helen Kerrigan

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12.30–13.15: How client expectations are evolving the accounting industry

Big shifts to the economy following a year of unpredicted change have accelerated the speed at which clients' expectations of accountants are changing.

There are significant growth opportunities for practices that can evolve to meet these new demands.

Join this session to hear from Head of Practice Enablement at FreeAgent, Kevin Lord, to learn about:

  • what the small business boom means for your practice
  • how the gig economy has given way to the passion economy
  • how the shift in client expectations may renew your passion for supporting small businesses
  • how to spend less time counting beans and more time providing business and wellbeing advice.

This session is sponsored by FreeAgent.

Speaker: Kevin Lord

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14.00–14.45: How to guide your own career

Need a little career direction?

If you’re in a job that you’ve just ended up in and you want to move on to bigger, better and more exciting things, this session is for you.

During this session you’ll get step-by-step advice on how you can refresh your perspective and break out of your comfort zone to get the career you want and deserve.

You’ll learn:

  • how to gain clarity on what your dream career is
  • how to move out of your comfort zone
  • practical ways to move forward.

This session is sponsored by ICS Learn.

Speaker: Jules Wyman

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15.30–16.15: Expert panel debate – practice predictions for 2030

Whether you’re working in a practice or run your own, tune into this lively discussion to hear our experts debate what the future holds for practices and what opportunities there are to help you stay one step ahead as the industry evolves.

This session is sponsored by Xero.

Panel speakers: TBC

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Day two: Wednesday 9 June 2021

09.30–11.00: UK GAAP – update and pitfalls to avoid

With a focus on private entities (micro, small and non-small), this session will provide a full update on UK GAAP (FRS 102 and FRS 105). We'll take a deep dive into some of the areas causing difficulties for accountants, using worked examples including financial instruments, going concern, tax and fixed assets.

Whether you run your own practice or work in a practice or industry, ensure you’re up to date with the latest developments in financial reporting.

During this session you’ll learn:

  • the latest changes and key updates
  • the future of UK GAAP
  • common errors and how to avoid them
  • how to make financial statements compliant and able to stand up to scrutiny.

This session is sponsored by Taxfiler.

Speaker: Steve Collings

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11.45–12.30: How automation can improve client relationships

Discover how automation in accounting can help you improve your client relationships.

Learn how to use automation to provide more advisory services and become an invaluable partner to your clients. Good automation reduces the amount of time you spend on compliance work and gives you better insights into your data.

During this session you’ll learn how:

  • software like Dext Connect can facilitate automation
  • to get a snapshot of your task management without the ability to have internal meetings
  • to use tools and techniques learned from a year of remote work in the new ways of working
  • software like Dext Prepare and Dext Precision can facilitate the development of your advisory services by cutting the time you spend on compliance
  • to choose the right accounting software for your business when there’s so much choice.

This session is sponsored by Dext.

Speaker: Paul Lodder

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13.00–13.15: Digital tools showcase with Dext

As tech continues to develop at an incredible rate, there’s more pressure than ever for finance professionals to be up to date with the latest tools available to help deliver a 360° view of the numbers.

In this showcase, find out how Dext makes practices like yours more productive and through live demos, learn simple ways to combat your pain points and free up your team to spend more time adding value.

This session is sponsored by Dext.

Speaker: Mark McNee

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14.00–14.45: Technical top-up – an accountant’s guide to payroll in 2021

It’s safe to say that this year has presented a number of challenges for finance professionals in payroll and with influences such as Brexit, tech advancements and legislation changes it’s likely that there are still many hurdles ahead.

Take this opportunity to catch up on all the latest payroll developments and gain expert insight to overcome this year’s payroll challenges and stay compliant with changing legislation.

Speaker: Gemma Mullis

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15.30–16.15: Expert panel debate – future trends impacting the public sector

While last year brought to the fore some new and unexpected challenges, this year finance professionals can start looking to the future.

Join us for this lively panel debate as our experts discuss new opportunities available to those working in the public sector and emerging trends shaping the future of the industry.

Panel speakers: TBC

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Day three: Thursday 10 June 2021

09.30–10.15: Why finance teams are critical to sustainable business

Join this session to gain a clear outline of the role that finance can play in improving business sustainability, particularly in light of increasing regulation in this area, not least in business reporting.

A must-attend for all finance professionals, especially those operating or advising at the strategic level, this session will not only help you develop an understanding of reporting standards and business improvement via sustainability, it will also provide tips on the practical steps needed to implement change for your business and clients.

During this session you’ll learn:

  • the importance of sustainability and the role of business
  • the growth of non-financial reporting
  • how to frame the sustainability discussion
  • practical steps and resources.

Speaker: Adam Williamson

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11.00–11.45: Myth-busting – what is financial planning?

Now more than ever, it’s important that businesses and individuals focus on planning for the future and ensure that their financial stability is as secure as possible.

In this session, Tom Duckworth and Jack Silk of Mattioli Woods plc will take you through the intricacies of financial planning and what it means by sharing their own experiences and client case studies.

You’ll learn that it’s not just about stock selection and selling products, but about understanding the needs of the individual and setting out a bespoke plan to support them for the next 5, 10, or 20 years.

During this session you’ll learn:

  • what financial planning is
  • the common misconceptions of financial planning
  • practical takeaways to use in your personal and professional life.

This session is sponsored by Mattioli Woods.

Speaker: Jack Silk and James Freshney

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12.30–12.45: Digital tools showcase with Xero – more information coming soon

As technology continues to develop at an incredible rate, there’s more pressure than ever for finance professionals to be up to date with the latest tools available to help deliver a 360° view of the numbers.

Don’t miss your chance to hear from one of the industry’s leading software solution providers and boost your digital literacy at one of these three digital showcases.

Look out for more information soon on what this session will cover.

Speaker: TBC

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13:15–13:30: Digital showcase with FreeAgent

As tech continues to develop at an incredible rate, there’s more pressure than ever for finance professionals to be up to date with the latest tools available to help deliver a 360° view of the numbers.

Discover how FreeAgent can support your clients. This session provides an overview of features including invoicing, banking and reports.

Speaker: TBC

14.00–14.45: The Construction Industry Scheme – a tax refresher

During this session, speaker Tim Palmer will provide detailed insights on how the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) works in practice and, using practical case studies, deliver a full review of the tax responsibilities and roles of both the contractor and subcontractor.

You’ll also gain a good understanding of CIS verification, monthly CIS returns, statement issuing, deduction of CIS tax and the regulatory requirements for contractors using recent CIS tax cases to review.

Whether you’re working in practice or industry, or you're a professional advisor involved in the taxation aspects of the construction industry, you’ll find this session unmissable.

During this session we’ll cover:

  • the CIS tax responsibilities of both the contractor and the subcontractor under the CIS regime
  • verification and the steps contractors have to take
  • the monthly CIS return: its completion and filing
  • is the subcontractor really self-employed?
  • current problems facing contractors and subcontractors
  • what construction operations really are.

Speaker: Tim Palmer

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15.30–16.15: Expert panel debate – the anatomy of a modern finance professional

As the traditional model of finance continues to make way for new and innovative ways of working, the pressure is on for finance professionals to keep up and make sure they have the skills and understanding to meet these evolving demands.

In this session, our expert panel will discuss the new challenges facing the modern finance professional, what tools they’ll need to stay competitive and what opportunities exist to take them from number cruncher to empowered decision-making influencer.

Panel speakers: TBC

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Day four: Friday 11 June 2021

09.30–11.00: Tax clinic and Q&A with Michael Steed

Back by popular demand, join leading tax specialist Michael Steed for his renowned tax clinic.

During this session, you’ll get expert advice on the latest taxation issues and insightful solutions to common tax problems, giving you the confidence to effectively advise your clients. You’ll also have the opportunity to receive direct advice from Michael by asking your burning questions during the clinic’s Q&A.

This session is sponsored by Xero.

Speaker: Michael Steed

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11.45–12.30: What’s the future for accountants in the tech revolution?

The future of the accountancy profession is being revolutionised by advances in digital technology. Research from Oxford University estimates that 95% of an accountant’s current role will be automated by 2033

This session explains how and why digital technology is impacting the accountancy profession. It uses the latest institute research to demonstrate how the skills being demanded from accountants are changing, and the implications for those of us working in the profession.

Essential for every accountant who plans to be working in the profession in ten years’ time, this session provides a crucial first step in identifying how to future-proof your career.

During this session we’ll also discuss:

  • "big data" and why it has surpassed oil as humanity’s most valuable asset
  • how artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics are being used within the accountancy profession.

Speaker: David Culley

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13.00–13.45: Mastering confidence and decision making in finance

Join this informal conversation with two established finance professionals as they take you through the practical steps you can take to become a more confident decision maker. They’ll be sharing their own real-life experiences as well as reflecting on confidence in terms of where the industry is now, and how it will be moving forward in the future.

Speakers: Duncan Brodie and Andi Lonnen

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