Distance learning

Distance learning lets you fit your AAT study around your circumstances - such as long hours at work, a busy home or family life.

You need to be committed for it to be a success - organisation and self-motivation will help you take advantage of the many benefits of distance learning.

Details of our distance learning providers can be found using our find a training provider tool.

Benefits of distance learning

Whatever your learning needs or preferences, distance learning could suit you. Some of the benefits are:

  • Learning at home - except for assessments all learning can be done in your own home and at your own pace.
  • Flexible time scales - you can take between six months to a year to finish a level.
  • Support and guidance - distance learning providers will support you through your studies, and provide the learning materials. Help is always available, so you won’t feel isolated from tutors or fellow students.

Types of courses

There are three main types of distance learning courses for AAT qualifications. Our distance learning providers offer one or more of these methods:

Correspondence courses
These use mostly printed learning materials, sent to you by your college. You may also receive online support via your training provider’s website. As with all distance learning courses you can study in your own time, with tutor support. Depending on your provider, this support may be available by email, telephone or online instant chat.
Online support and e-learning
Most colleges provide computer-based online courses, used in combination with AAT printed learning materials. These features help you to improve your knowledge and skills in a practical and interactive way.
Live online courses
Designed to let you experience real-time online learning, from your home (via a broadband Internet connection). They allow you to communicate in real-time with other students and a tutor, using webcams and live chat technology. If you miss a class, you can log in later to watch a pre-recorded session.

Sitting assessments

AAT assessment venues accept external candidates for computer based assessments. Search for an assessment venue in your area and contact them to find out prices agree a suitable date.