Refund policy

This document sets out AAT’s refund policy for all members, training providers and non-members. All refund requests should be made in writing and include supporting evidence.

Refunds will only be made once the initial payment has cleared into AAT’s bank account and will only ever be made to the person who made the initial payment.

Refund of admission and reinstatement fees

  • Student admission and reinstatement fee
    The fee for registering or reinstating as a student member of AAT is non-refundable.
  • F/MAAT membership fees
    The fee for applying or reinstating for full or fellow membership is non-refundable.

Refund of membership fees

  • Student membership fees
    • Student membership fees can only be refunded if requested within one month of the membership fee becoming due. However, if the student has in that time, sat any form of assessment they will not qualify for a refund.
    • This also includes subscription fees for AAT Accounting Skills and Business Skills qualifications and AAT Bookkeeping and Computerised Accounting qualifications.
  • F/MAAT membership fees
    • Annual full and fellow membership fees can only be refunded if requested within one month of the membership fee becoming due.
  • AAT Licensed Bookkeeper and AAT Licensed Accountant fees and anti-money laundering fees
    • Annual licence fees can only be refunded if it is requested within one month of the licence fee becoming due.
    • Annual anti-money laundering licence can only be refunded if it is requested within one month of the fee becoming due.
    • Refund requests relating to membership fees can be made to: Membership Support, AAT, 140 Aldersgate Street, London EC1A 4HY Or emailed to:
  • Refund of Direct Debit (DD)
    • Requests for refund for membership fees paid by DD in error should be made direct by the member to their bank.
    • DD instructions can be cancelled by AAT but require written notice 12 working days before the payment is due to be collected.
    • AAT advise members to contact their bank when cancelling a DD instruction.
  • Refund of computer based assessments (CBA) fees
    • AAT will only refund training providers for CBAs in the event that a student is penalised in the course of sitting a CBA and this is due to an issue caused directly by AAT.
    • Where invoices have been raised for assessments that could not be completed because of the disruption, we will consider credit notes to training providers, on behalf of their students.
    • We are, however, unable to consider any claims for compensation or consequential loss.
    • There are no longer any circumstances where students make payments to AAT direct for CBA fees. As such students should speak to their training provider in the first instance.
    • Refunds will not be considered where the organisation, rather than the AAT, is responsible for events surrounding students CBA e.g. disruptions, scheduling errors etc.
    • Refund requests from organisations, relating to CBA assessments, booked by that organisation, can be made to: Centre Support, AAT, 140 Aldersgate Street, London EC1A 4HY Or emailed to:

Refund of AAT events fees

  • Including training provider, student, member and non-member events 
    • AAT must be notified of the cancellation of bookings in writing (details provided below).
    • Cancellations up to ten working days before the event are subject to 20% administration charge.
    • Cancellations within ten working days of the event will result in the forfeit of the full course fee.
    • A colleague’s name can be submitted at any time to replace the delegate to attend with no charge.
    • If AAT needs to cancel or postpone the event due to circumstances beyond our control, any course fees paid will be refunded. 
    • Refund requests and cancellations relating to training providers, CPD and student events can be made to: Membership Services, AAT, 140 Aldersgate Street, London EC1A 4HY Or emailed to:

Other refund requests

  • Refund of training provider approval and renewal fees
    • The Training Provider approval fee is non-refundable.
    • AAT will only credit the annual accreditation fee invoice, if the Conduct and Compliance team, are notified within one month of the fee having been issued that there are no students registered with the training provider. Please note this can result in the removal/suspension of the Training Providers approved status.
  • Refund of AAT certificates and transcripts
    • No refunds will be given once a certificate or transcript has been issued. Queries can be emailed to:
  • AAT Essentials short courses
    • Individuals should contact the training provider with whom they booked the course at first instance. Training providers with refund queries should email:
  • Other refund requests
    • For all other refund queries please contact: Membership Support, AAT, 140 Aldersgate Street, London EC1A 4HY Or email:
    • Clearly state what the refund relates to and why you are requesting it.