AAT's online community rules

When you take part in AAT's online community, you agree to abide by our terms and conditions.

Download AAT's online community rules (PDF)

AAT's online community

We use a range of social media to help AAT members at all levels share information and give advice:

  • AAT Comment
    AAT Comment is our blog for AAT members at all levels and the wider accounting and finance community. We publish regular content on relevant topics such as careers, training and tax, and we welcome contributions from readers.
  • Facebook
    The AAT Facebook page is aimed at potential and current student members.
  • Discussion forums
    Our discussion forums are intended for student members and full members (MAATs, FMAATs, Licensed Members) to engage in more detailed conversations around the qualification, careers and anything else.
  • Twitter
    Our Twitter account shares newly-published content from AAT Comment and engages in conversation with related people and organisations. We often congratulate successful members on their achievements, too.
  • LinkedIn
    Our LinkedIn page allows members to display their AAT affiliation in their LinkedIn profiles. There are also discussion groups for members and employers (search for 'AAT' under Groups on LinkedIn).
  • AAT Tutor talk
    AAT Tutor talk is our custom-made portal for AAT training providers and tutors to swap teaching tips and discuss the AAT Accounting Qualification.
  • YouTube
    We operate two YouTube channels. Youtube.com/yourbigfutureAAT hosts our case study videos, and youtube.com/AATcareercoach is where AAT career coach Aimee Bateman offers her advice to AAT members.
  • Instagram
    You can also follow us on Instagram, where we share photos from events and AAT HQ. Our username is YourAAT.