Employing an apprentice

Introduce new talent into your finance team or identify existing staff to train to your requirements.

Boost your business

Apprenticeships put you in control and provide your staff with practical skills.

As well as giving you control over funding, you can work with training providers to agree an apprenticeship programme suitable for your business.

Find out how to get started

Getting started with an accounting apprenticeship can be easier than you think. Get in touch and we'll help you every step of the way, from explaining the study options and costs, to how to recruit.

Benefits to your finance team and your business

Benefits to your finance team and your business

Apprenticeships are a great way to build a diverse talent pipeline, developing staff and bringing new skills to your organisation. Whether staff are new or already with you, you're training staff in your specific needs and requirements.

As many as 92% of employers who take on apprentices report a more motivated and satisfied workforce. 83% now rely on apprenticeships to provide the skilled workers of the future.

Apprentices can often provide better value than graduates, with increased enthusiasm, motivation and loyalty. Businesses like KPMG say apprentices bring ambition, a fresh perspective and an entrepreneurial spirit the standard recruitment process rarely provides.

Hear from KPMG

"Apprenticeships bring fresh ideas into our organisation."

With the breadth of knowledge they're gaining, AAT apprentices at KPMG add value from day one.

The value of AAT qualifications

The value of AAT qualifications

Apprentices can study AAT Accounting Qualifications at each stage of their apprenticeship. Our qualifications deliver practical finance training, professional standards and essential business skills.

This means that your apprentices, trained within the context of your organisation, will contribute to business productivity while developing their own skills and gaining an internationally recognised qualification.

Our apprenticeships report

Read the results of our UK-wide survey on apprenticeships, Getting ahead for accelerated ambitions (PDF) where we address a number of key questions relating to the value and impact of apprenticeships.

  • What do young people think about the state of apprenticeships in the UK? 
  • Do graduates paying back student debt, think an apprenticeship could have put them in a different position? 
  • Do school-leavers or those considering their first career move see apprenticeships as an attractive route into their chosen career? 
  • Would parents advise their children to do an apprenticeship? 
  • How do HR professionals view apprenticeships when taking on new employees?

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