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AAT apprenticeships combine on-the-job experience with an internationally-recognised practical accounting qualification.

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"Apprentices are the future of our organisation"

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Apprenticeships are a great way to build a strong talent pipeline and bring new skills to your finance team. Network Rail share how they've made their apprenticeship scheme such a success.

Six reasons to offer an apprenticeship scheme

1.Tackle skills gaps

1.Tackle skills gaps

Apprenticeships can be tailored to specific job roles, making them flexible to your business needs.

76% of employers say apprenticeships boost productivity. (Source: Apprenticeships Evaluation 2018-19: Employers Research report.)

2. Reward your current employees

"We offer apprenticeship schemes for existing employees"

Apprenticeships aren’t just for new employees. They're a great opportunity to increase your current staff's skills, knowledge and confidence. Whether you do this or hire new apprentices, you'll be eligible for government funding.

3. Create a motivated workforce

3. Create a motivated workforce

Apprentices can often provide better value than graduates, with increased loyalty, enthusiasm and motivation. Businesses like KPMG say apprentices bring ambition, a fresh perspective and an entrepreneurial spirit the standard recruitment process rarely provides.

85% of employers would recommend apprenticeships to others. (Source: Apprenticeship evaluation 2021: Employer survey.)

4. Build a more diverse finance team

"We have senior managers and parents becoming apprentices"

Whether you hire school leavers or experienced workers, apprentices can bring fresh skills, experiences and ideas. There’s no upper age limit – your apprentices must simply be over 16, not be in full-time education, and have lived in the UK or EEA for over three years.

5. Build practical skills

5. Build practical skills

Apprentices can study internationally-recognised AAT accounting qualifications at each stage of their apprenticeship, gaining practical finance training, professional standards and essential business skills.

6. Save on training and recruitment costs

"We find it a cost-effective way of developing our staff"

See what other apprenticeship myths we've cleared up for you

Apprentices are a really cost-effective way to hire and train staff. You'll get funding towards training costs from the government, and recruiting is usually simpler than hiring a regular employee.

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