Disciplinary outcome: Jason Croan

Order by consent

In the matter of

Mr Jason Croan MAAT

Membership number



2 July 2023


Jason Croan’s professional or personal conduct, was found to be in breach of the Code of Professional Ethics and to have posed a risk to the public or was likely to undermine public confidence in the Association or its members; namely:

1. On or around 07 October 2021, he was convicted in Durham Crown Court for offences relating to VAT fraud which were committed whilst he was a member of AAT. 


Grounds for disciplinary action existed and the matter was suitable for exercise of the Investigations team's powers under the Disciplinary Regulations.



i. Expelled from AAT membership for a minimum period of 5 years

 ii. Fined £5,000, to be received within 3 months from date of consent. 


Jason Croan is deemed to have agreed to submit to the decision of the Investigations Team in accordance with Regulation 6 of the Disciplinary Regulations.