Disciplinary outcomes and licence terminations and suspensions

Allegations of misconduct against AAT members are investigated using our disciplinary process. If there's a finding of misconduct, the outcomes of our investigations are published below. 

Details include:

  • the member's name
  • the allegation
  • the sanction imposed.

Termination or suspension of AAT licences

If a member breaches any condition of their licence, provides accountancy services outside the scope of their licence, or has acted in breach of any relevant regulation, AAT may terminate or suspend their licence.

AAT has in the last two years terminated or suspended the licences of the following members pursuant to its Licensing Regulations (PDF) and Licensing policy (PDF).

NameMembership numberFirm nameActionDate
Aliu, Sikiru75749 Restricted from holding clients' money2 April 2020
Badova, Biliana10072788 Licence terminated13 May 2020
Bashir, Ahmad213385 Licence terminated4 November 2019
Broadhead, Simon14986Murdoch Accountancy Services LimitedLicence terminated and AML supervision cancelled30 June 2021
Buzzard, Paul10144328 Removal of Limited Assurance Engagement as a licence area6 October 2020
Chaddha, Diljeet Singh20280100DJ Accounting And Taxation Services LtdLicence terminated and AML supervision cancelled8 April 2021
Cleal, Trevor10067092Acorn Accounts LtdLicence terminated and AML supervision cancelled14 September 2021
Dudley, Ian6222844 Removal of Independent Examination as a licence area1 July 2020
Haider, Syed6014346 Licence terminated30 June 2020
Hall, Gerard6308518 Licence terminated18 February 2020
Hussain, Walayat14651 Licence terminated31 July 2019
Jefferson-Harvey, Tamsyn Isla10457197 Removal of Company Secretarial Services as a licence area and restricted from holding clients' money13 August 2019
Kamba, Irene2847 Licence terminated16 April 2020
Lee, Paul256357Kwong Lee and Co LimitedLicence terminated and AML supervision cancelled8 April 2021
Lincoln, Ria-Jaine10243970 Restricted from holding clients' money16 June 2020
Maizi, Chahir260884 Licence terminated8 June 2020
Martin, Ryan10391440 Restricted from holding clients' money22 July 2019
Member, Zakirhusen10097383Bluewater Accountants LtdLicence and membership terminated3 March 2022
Morrison, Kirstie10341334Kirstie MorrisonLicence terminated and AML supervision cancelled8 April 2021
Norman, Catherine178082Accountancy Plus & Payroll People LimitedLicence terminated15 March 2022
Parsons, Ernest240295 Licence terminated30 June 2020
Press, Jonathan7990500 Licence terminated5 November 2019
Rouse, Diane111876Agency AccountingLicence terminated and AML supervision cancelled10 July 2020
Samuel, Allan285211Allan Samuel AccountsLicence terminated29 April 2021
Shahmir, Shahrokh8058086 Licence terminated20 February 2019
Soliman, H10127183 Removal of Financial Accounting and Accounts Preparation for Statutory Purposes as a licence area30 October 2020
Spencer-Jones, Alan6232626Spencer-JonesLicence terminated and AML supervision cancelled8 April 2021
Tahir, Syed Ziauddin7807990Central Accounting Services LimitedLicence terminated and AML supervision cancelled8 April 2021
Thompson, Kay221853 Licence terminated25 September 2020
Usman, Raja10063370 

Removal of Limited Assurance Engagements; Independent Examination; Forensic Accounting; and Company Secretarial Services as licence areas

Restricted from holding clients' money

24 March 2021
Walji, Mohammed290516 Restricted from holding clients' money23 December 2019
Wanogho, Leisa222044  Licence terminated11 July 2019