Disciplinary outcome: Kamal Yessen

Order by consent

In the matter of

Kamal Yessen MAAT

Membership number



1 March 2023


Kamal Yessen’s conduct was found to be in breach of the Code of Professional Ethics and to have posed a risk to the public and/or undermine public confidence in the Association and its members as follows:
1. For an unknown period up until on or around 15 March 2022, he did not comply with his obligations under the Money Laundering Regulations in force while providing accountancy services on a self-employed basis. Specifically, he failed to:
a) apply to AAT for approval of a beneficial owner, officer, or manager for Global Link Accountants Ltd
b) have in place any or any adequate anti-money laundering policies or procedures 
c) carry out an adequate firm-wide risk assessment
d) carry out any or any adequate client due diligence
e) carry out a review of his anti-money laundering controls
2. For an unknown period up until on or around 17 December 2021 he provided Company Secretarial Services and Independent Examination whilst not licensed to do so.
3. For an unknown period up until on or around 19 May 2021, he failed to maintain the required level of professional indemnity insurance as set out in AAT’s Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy
4. For an unknown period up until on or around 28 June 2022, he failed to issue a letter of engagement to one or more clients in full compliance with AAT’s Client Care Policy.


Grounds for disciplinary action existed and the matter was suitable for exercise of the Investigations Team's powers under the Disciplinary Regulations.


Kamal Yessen is hereby:
1. Reprimanded for a period of 36 months 
2. Deemed ineligible to hold fellow member while the reprimand is active
3. Fined £2,250
4. Warned about this future conduct.


Kamal Yessen passively consented to the decision of the Investigations Team in accordance with Regulation 6 of the Disciplinary Regulations.