Achieve AAT Accountant status (MAAT)

What can an AAT Accountant do?

An AAT Accountant is a qualified accounting professional with the practical and technical skills needed to support businesses with their accounting activities.

Typical job roles for an AAT Accountant include Financial Accountant, Commercial Analyst, Senior Finance Officer, Payroll Manager, VAT Accountant and Tax Supervisor.

An AAT Accountant can sign off the accounts for companies up to the audit threshold, where a company does not have a turnover more than £6.5 million and its balance sheet total is not more than £3.26 million. The majority of businesses within the UK do not meet this threshold so currently over half a million businesses trust AAT Accountants to service their accounting requirements.

Professional status

An AAT Accountant is a qualified accountant and AAT full member, who has demonstrated their skills through work experience and can now use the designatory letters MAAT after their name.


How to achieve MAAT status

There are three ways you can achieve AAT Accountant (MAAT) status:


1. Study AAT Accounting Qualifications

You can become an AAT Accountant by studying AAT Accounting Qualifications. The training can take as little as two to three years to complete. We offer four AAT Accounting Qualifications:

  • Foundation Certificate in Accounting (Level 2)
  • Foundation Diploma in Accounting and Business (Level 2): for 16–19-year-olds
  • Advanced Diploma in Accounting (Level 3)
  • Professional Diploma in Accounting (Level 4)

You can start with any qualification depending on your existing skills and experience. If you already have some accounting experience, take the AAT Skillcheck test to find out the best qualification to start with.

How to apply 

When you have successfully completed the Level 4 Diploma in Accounting (Professional), you'll automatically become an AAT affiliate member.

Once you meet our work experience requirement, you can apply to become an AAT full member and achieve professional MAAT status.  


2. Membership of another professional accounting body

You can apply for MAAT status if you are:

  • Part-way through studying a professional accounting qualification
  • Fully-qualified with a professional accounting qualification
  • A professional member of another accounting body


How to apply

Find out more about joining AAT from another professional body.


3. With an accounting or finance degree

You can apply for MAAT status if you have an accounting or finance degree from one of our partner universities.


How to apply

Find out more about joining AAT with an accounting or finance degree.


Contact us

If you would like advice on studying an AAT qualification or professional status, speak to one of our helpful advisors on +44(0)20 3735 2434. Our lines are open Monday to Thursday 09.00-20.00 and Friday 09.00-17.00 UK time. You can also request a call back.

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Why professional MAAT status matters

Professional recognition

MAAT status (full AAT membership) is an internationally-recognised professional designation. It indicates the highest standards of professional conduct, up to date technical knowledge and work experience. It's becoming increasingly important for businesses to employ staff with professional status. AAT is a full member of IFAC, the global organisation for the accountancy profession.


Professional standards

MAAT status demonstrates that you are undergoing CPD, signed-up to AAT's Code of Professional Ethics, and are subject to our disciplinary processes. Our Code of Professional Ethics involves following five fundamental principles: integrity, objectivity, professional competence and due care, confidentiality, and professional behaviour.


Progression options

Professional MAAT status is a visible mark of quality and commitment. ​It also instils confidence in employers. Once a MAAT has five years’ work experience they can apply to become a fellow member and use the letters FMAAT after their name. If you want to progress to chartered accountancy, MAAT status offers a fast-track route to chartered status with all of the UK's chartered accountancy bodies.

Next steps

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If you have any questions call us on +44 (0)20 3735 2434. Our lines are open Monday to Thursday 09.00-20.00 and Friday 09.00-17.00 UK time. You can also request a call back.

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