Equality of opportunity

Various legislation has come into effect in recent years, which supports the Government's drive for wider participation in learning with the aim of creating a more competitive workforce.

Legislation, regulations and national strategy provide a framework aimed at delivering equality of opportunity for all student members, irrespective of their age, sex, religion, sexual orientation and whether or not they have a disability, learning difficulty or any other characteristic.

Legislation, which applies in this area within the UK, includes the Race Relations Act, Sex Discrimination Act, Human Rights Act 2000, Disability Discrimination Act, Learning and Skills Act 2000 and Equality Act 2010.

AAT firmly believes in equality of opportunity for all who participate in its qualifications

To this end, we aim to ensure that:

  • Our qualifications are free from barriers that restrict access and progression, and they are attainable by all who can demonstrate the required standard by whatever means
  • Our qualifications and publications are free from discriminatory practices or stereotypes with regard to gender, race, age, creed or sexual orientation
  • Assessment tasks and study opportunities are sufficiently varied and flexible to ensure that no particular group of student members or would-be students are placed at any disadvantage
  • All reasonable adjustments are made to cater for the individual requirements of student members
  • Assessments are valid and reliable to ensure that all student members receive impartial treatment