Disciplinary processes and tribunals

AAT investigates complaints and misconduct allegations against AAT members in its mission to protect the public from malpractice, maintain confidence in the profession and uphold high standards of professional and ethical behaviour from members of AAT. Depending on the circumstances, AAT may resolve these complaints informally or take disciplinary action.

AAT's Investigations Team investigates complaints received by the Association in accordance with the Professional Standards Handbook

The AAT Glossary (PDF) provides definitions for the terms used in AAT's policies, regulations and guidance. 


Disciplinary Regulations

Set out how AAT deals with complaints of misconduct by AAT members. Download AAT's Disciplinary Regulations (PDF)

Professional Standards Investigations policy

Explains how AAT will handle complaints about the conduct or services provided by AAT members. Download Professional Standards Investigations policy (PDF)

Indicative Sanctions Guidance

This was developed to promote consistency in decision making in relation to sanctions in cases of misconduct. Download AAT's Indicative Sanctions guidance (PDF)

Health policy

Explains how AAT may take action on complaints concerning the health of members where their conduct or competence causes a risk to the public or to the reputation of AAT and its membership. Download AAT's Health policy (PDF)

Disclosure policy

This is intended to assist the Investigations Team, Conduct and Compliance and the Disciplinary Tribunal or Regulatory Committee acting under the Disciplinary Regulations to deal with the disclosure of documents in proceedings, particularly the disclosure of “unused material”. Download AAT's Disclosure policy (PDF)

Instruction of experts policy

Details the process whereby AAT may, on occasion, instruct an expert witness to provide opinion evidence on issues arising in a complaint of misconduct under the Disciplinary Regulations. Download AAT's Instruction of experts policy (PDF)

Witness care and expenses policy

This applies to all witnesses for AAT in hearings under both the Disciplinary Regulations and Appeals Regulations. It is designed to ensure that all witnesses are fully supported throughout the process and that AAT makes the most cost efficient use of members’ fees. Download AAT's Witness care and expenses policy (PDF)

Publication policy

AAT publishes disciplinary outcomes, licensing decisions and information about its disciplinary or licensing procedures concerning members. The Publication policy governs this process. Download AAT's Publication policy (PDF)

Adjournment of Disciplinary Hearings policy

Details the circumstances under which AAT may adjourn a disciplinary hearing and how applications adjournments are handled. Download AAT's Adjournment of Disciplinary Hearings policy (PDF)

Appeals Regulations

Detail how AAT members or applicants may appeal a decision of the Membership Assessor, Investigations Team or Disciplinary Tribunal. Download AAT's Appeals Regulations (PDF)

Disciplinary Tribunals and appeals hearings

Disciplinary cases may be referred to a Disciplinary Tribunal for a formal hearing. Disciplinary Tribunal hearings are held in public and the following details will be published seven days before the hearing:

  • The member’s name
  • The allegation
  • Date, time and place of the hearing

Anyone wishing to attend the hearing must contact the Conduct and Compliance team in order to book a place. Telephone: +44 (0)20 7397 3008 or email: aatstandards@aat.org.uk