Complaints about AAT members

If you have concerns about the conduct of an AAT member, you may make a complaint to AAT’s Professional Standards team.

If a complaint calls into question a member’s conduct, or if we identify a breach of AAT regulations or policies during the investigation, we may take disciplinary action against the member. In other isolated minor cases, we may be able to help resolve the issue informally between you and the AAT member if we consider this to be more appropriate.

Complainants' guide to the complaints process

Our guidance document Complainants' guide to the complaints process (PDF) explains what to do. It should be read in conjunction with the Professional Standards Investigations policy (PDF).

Which complaints we investigate

We can investigate different types of complaints arising from the conduct of AAT members and the services provided by AAT licensed members.

All AAT members must abide by the requirements of AAT’s Code of Professional Ethics (PDF) and our investigations focus on whether those requirements have been breached. In all cases, we need evidence to support the complaint in order to assess whether we are able to intervene.

If your complaint is about an AAT licensed member, you must first allow the member to resolve the issue via their formal complaints process. 

What we won't investigate

AAT will not open an investigation if the complaint relates to an issue which AAT does not have the power to investigate, for example:

  • disputes about fees in certain circumstances
  • breach of contract or civil disputes
  • disputes between employers and employees on employment issues
  • issues not connected with the professional activities of the member
  • vexatious complaints
  • a complainant (or member) using the disciplinary process to support a subsequent legal action. 

AAT will not investigate anonymous complaints. However, we may consider doing so where there is independent evidence to support an investigation.

What we need from you

If you wish to make a complaint, you must complete the Complaint form (PDF). You must provide evidence in support of your complaint. Please do not send original documents with your complaint form as these will not be returned to you.

Please note: due to coronavirus (Covid-19) we are currently not working in the office and have no access to post. Please send any documentation securely to

AAT disciplinary processes and tribunals 

If a member has breached our Code of Professional Ethics we will take disciplinary action where necessary to ensure that AAT membership retains its high standards. Read more about our disciplinary processes and tribunals: 

AAT Glossary

The AAT Glossary (PDF) provides definitions for the terms used in AAT's policies, regulations and guidance.