Termination or suspension of AAT licence

If a member breaches any condition of his or her licence, provides accountancy services outside the scope of his or her licence, or has acted in breach of any relevant Regulation, the Association may terminate or suspend the member's licence.

AAT has terminated or suspended the licences of the following members pursuant to its Licensing Regulations (PDF) and Licensing policy (PDF).

Name Membership number Action Date
Asif, Mohammed 217800 Terminated 28 April 2016
Billings, David 10023059 Terminated 10 November 2017
Itua, Job 10058332 Terminated 23 March 2016
Joslin, Anne 10062933 Terminated 14 June 2016
Newton, Lisa 170646 Terminated 15 July 2016
Talasismane, Youcef 10162338 Terminated 23 August 2016