Introductory Award in Accounting (AAT Access) - Level 1

Even if you have no experience of working within the finance sector, our Introductory Award in Accounting can give you a real insight into the world of accounting. It’s perfect for young people and those taking their first step on the career ladder. As well as getting a taster of what it’s like to work in a professional environment, you’ll pick up accounting terms and get additional support with literacy and numeracy.

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Qualification details


Training provider fees

Tuition fees start from £250. Depending on your training provider this may also include study materials, assessment fees and even the AAT fees listed below, while others may ask for these to be paid separately. When you contact your training provider, find out what is included. 

Some training providers may offer a payment plan so that you can spread the cost over a number of months. 

AAT fees

You will also need to pay an AAT registration fee. All students must register with AAT in order to sit assessments and access exclusive study support.

Student - annual registration fee (applicable from 1 September 2016)


This fee entitles students to sit any of the following qualifications within a 12 month period:

  • Introductory Award in Accounting (AAT Access) 
  • Introductory Certificate in Accounting
  • Foundation Award in Accounting Skills to Run Your Business

Course length

It will take you approximately 12 weeks, depending on your method of study and training provider.

Entry requirements

Unlike other qualifications there are no entry requirements with AAT and you don’t need relevant work experience. This means that our qualifications are ideal if you’re leaving school or college, returning to work or thinking of changing career.

However, do check with your training provider as they may have their own entry requirements.

What you’ll learn

Introductory Award in Accounting - qualification outline

  • Mathematics for accounting
  • Essential accounting procedures
  • Creating business documents
  • Accounting in a professional environment

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Qualification basics

Total credits 9
Guided learning hours 75
Assessment methods Computer based assessments (CBAs)

How you’ll be assessed

AAT assessments are:

  • Practical computer based assessments (CBAs)
  • Designed to reflect real-life tasks
  • Flexible - you can sit them anytime of the year
  • Depending on the assessment, you may get your provisional results straight away

Study at the right level for you

If you're unsure which qualification to study our helpful advisors can advise you. Call us on +44 (0)20 3735 2434 - our lines are open Monday to Thursday 09.00-20.00 and Friday 09.00-17.00 (UK time). You can also request a call back.

Flexible study options

You may have to fit your study around a job or prefer a more structured approach in a classroom. AAT approved training providers offer you the flexibility to study in the way that suits you best.

This qualification is available as:

It can be studied full-time or part-time.

Choose a college or training provider

Once you’ve chosen a qualification, you need to choose a training provider. Use our directory to search for an AAT approved training provider.

We strongly recommend comparing different providers as training packages can vary.

What should you ask?

When you contact potential training providers you should ask about:

  • Study options - what type of courses do they offer, full-time, part-time, or distance learning
  • Timetables - when can you start, what are the class times, how long is the course?
  • Fees - how much are their tuition fees, what does this include?
  • Study level - what is the most suitable qualification level for you?
  • Career support – can they help you find a work placement?

You should also ask what they offer in terms of:

  • Learning support
  • Physical course materials
  • Online resources

Open days

If you are thinking of studying via classroom-based learning you might want to search for training provider open days in your area.

Next steps - where can you take your career?

After completing the Introductory Award in Accounting, you can go on to:


Is accounting right for you?

People think of accountancy as dry, but it is anything but. Accounting roles are exceptionally diverse and deliver quality career opportunities. Read about 10 amazing jobs you can get with an accounting qualification. Financial management is at the heart of every business, so demand for accounting and finance skills is consistently high across all sectors.

Employment prospects

AAT is a brand that employers trust. Employers love AAT qualifications as they demonstrate you have the practical real world skills they need. Our qualifications are developed in consultation with employers and will equip you with the key finance skills modern businesses are looking for.

Real value for money

Studying for any qualification is a commitment, both in terms of time and funding, so you want to be sure that your qualification offers you value for money. AAT courses are a quality investment for your career - they are highly respected and valued by employers, globally recognised, and provide the right type of skills for immediate employment. 

Combining study with full-time work or a family

With AAT you don't have to put your life on hold while you study. Our flexible qualifications mean it’s easy to fit learning around your work, family, friends and leisure time. You can study full-time or part-time, from home, work or on the move. We work with the best training providers who will guide you through your training and forward into a successful career. 

Achieve success

Successful study requires discipline, focus and motivation, so we’re here to help you every step of the way. When you register as a student with AAT we provide you with exclusive access to award-winning revision materials, study resources and support. This includes webinars, green light tests, sample assessments, e-learning modules, guides, mapping documents, performance feedback, and much, much more.

We also have a thriving student community providing peer support and advice on Twitter @youraat, our Facebook page and our discussion forums, which will help you get the most out of your studies.


Making the right decision - how we can help

Choosing the right AAT qualification and training provider is a big decision. 

Call us on +44(0)20 3735 2434

We can help you:

  • Run through your options - which qualification might suit you best
  • Look at funding options
  • Find an AAT training provider

If you have any questions about studying an AAT course, speak to one of our friendly AAT student advisors to help get you started. Our lines are open Monday to Thursday 09.00-20.00 and Friday 09.00-17.00 (UK time). You can also request a call back.

Ask AAT students

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How to start studying

Once you’ve chosen your course you need to: