Bookkeeping qualification

AAT Access Award in Bookkeeping

Level 1

If you have no prior accounting knowledge, study this basic entry-level bookkeeping qualification for a solid grounding in single-entry bookkeeping.

What it covers

This Level 1 qualification introduces the role of a bookkeeper and simple bookkeeping techniques.

With this qualification there’s no need for any prior accounting knowledge. It provides a solid grounding for students before moving on to the Foundation level qualifications.


Access to Bookkeeping

This unit introduces students to the role of the bookkeeper and simple bookkeeping techniques. It covers the buying and selling process and the common documents used. The unit also includes recording transactions in the books of prime entry.

On completion of this unit, students will be familiar with bookkeeping terminology and will have developed practical bookkeeping skills. Students will gain the confidence to contribute effectively in the workplace and to move on to further study in bookkeeping.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the role of the bookkeeper.
  • Understand financial transactions.
  • Process customer and supplier transactions.
  • Process receipts and payments.

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How long it takes

This qualification will take between six and 12 weeks to complete, depending on study method and course timetable.

Read the AAT course prospectus
Read the AAT course prospectus

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Read the qualification specification
Read the qualification specification

Download this PDF for a detailed view of the qualification and the individual unit learning objectives.

How and where to study

You can study through distance learning online, blended learning, or in the classroom. Do it in the evening, part-time or full-time, whatever suits you. You'll need to find a training provider, even if you're choosing distance learning.


Training provider fees


This fee covers your tuition (if attending a course of study) and is paid directly to your training provider.

Standard qualification fee

The standard qualification fee comprises:

  • a registration fee of £42, and
  • an assessment fee of £34.

This gives a total of £76.

Your registration fee is paid directly to AAT and will give you access to study support resources and the assessment for 12 months or until you complete the qualification, whichever comes first.

You will be required to pay the assessment fee to your training provider or assessment venue.

Note: training providers and assessment venues may charge an additional administrative fee for the assessment. The administrative fee, if charged, can vary from one organisation to another. 

Check what funding options are available
Check what funding options are available

You may be eligible for support from your employer or other bodies.

Download all AAT fees
Download all AAT fees

Here's a list of all qualification-related fees in PDF.

Entry requirements

Students can start with any qualification depending on existing skills and experience. For the best chance of success we recommend that students begin their studies with a good standard of English and maths.

Already got some accounting experience? Test your knowledge with AAT Skillcheck to find out the best qualification to start with.


This is an entry-level qualification: exemptions don't apply.

I decided to study AAT because I have a passion for the accounting profession and wanted to pursue a career in finance. AAT helped me to gain confidence and believe in myself.
Cristina Albores Miguez AATQB, AAT Licensed Bookkeeper

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