Employers love AAT

The financial industry is one of the most versatile sectors to work in. All employers need people with finance skills so you’re just as likely to work in the travel or entertainment industry as you are a bank or specialist accountancy firm.

And there’s no limit to where finance skills can take you. Finance is actually the most common route to the top of a FTSE 100 company, with over half of CEOs having a financial management background.*   

But it’s not just finance skills companies need: they need employees with real-world, practical skills.

That’s why AAT Accounting Qualifications are so popular with employers – we equip workers with a combination of both.

Qualifications designed with employers in mind

We know that for most people the end goal of gaining a qualification is to get a job, which is why all our qualifications are work-related and designed with employers in mind.

In fact, the AAT Accounting Qualifications are designed with input from employers, so you know you’re getting the skills companies want and need, and which will help you further your career.

AAT: a recognisable name

Employers trust AAT. Studying with AAT means you are working towards an industry-recognised qualification, with a reputable qualifications body that is responsible for around 80% of all work-related qualifications in accounting.

Filling gaps in the travel industry

TUI Travel is just one of the companies which has benefited from hiring staff with AAT Accounting Qualifications:

“AAT were extremely helpful. They spent a lot of time with us as an employer and also worked with our students, either in a group forum or individually, to explain the benefits of the qualifications their study commitments.

“We’ve really noticed the difference in our employees. I find that they are much more motivated and they are keen to learn. I can see that they implement the technical things they learn in their studies in their day to day work.”

* Reference: Financial Times "Finance remains most common route to the top at FTSE 100 groups" (behind paywall)

Download a bespoke proposal for your employer

Training with AAT equips you and your employer with essential skills. That’s why many businesses are happy to contribute to AAT training costs and support study leave.

To help you demonstrate to your employer why it’s a great idea to fund your training, we’ve put together a proposal that you can present to them.

Tailor-made proposal for your employer