AAT qualifications

Immediate results for employers

From their first day of training, AAT students learn practical accounting processes and important communication skills they can apply directly in the workplace, making them more rounded, effective and committed team players.

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Our qualifications

AAT qualifications are extremely flexible and open to all, regardless of age, experience or qualifications. We offer qualifications and courses across a wide range of accounting and finance areas:

  • The AAT Accounting Qualification
    Our highly established, industry recognised accounting and finance qualification, consisting of three qualifications over three levels - introductory, intermediate and advanced.
  • Accounting apprenticeship (studying the AAT Accounting Qualification)
    The apprenticeship route means you can earn and learn at the same time.
  • Accounting Skills
    Entry level accounting qualifications providing basic but essential workplace skills.
  • Bookkeeping and Computerised Accounting
    Qualifications in manual bookkeeping and the use of computerised accounting software.
  • Tax
    Industry-recognised specialised tax qualification to underpin your accounting knowledge.
  • Business Skills
    Our accounting courses for business people without an accounting and finance background. This includes our Accounting Skills to Run Your Business qualification and our range of short courses.

For a complete overview of the AAT qualifications available from 1 September 2014, download your free copy of the AAT Qualifications guide (PDF).

We have consulted extensively with businesses, industry and training experts to develop our qualifications. We review each syllabus regularly to ensure that it reflects the latest developments in accounting and financial legislation.