Foundation Apprenticeship in Accountancy: Scotland

Prepare your future employees for the world of work

Introduce new talent to your business with the Scottish Foundation Apprenticeship in Accountancy.

2018 marks the inaugural year for this new apprenticeship. Designed to give full-time school students the ability to gain a vocational qualification, the apprenticeship combines the knowledge and skills needed in the modern finance and accountancy industry.

The Foundation Apprenticeship in Accountancy combines learning in three different areas: knowledge, skills and the assessment of practical skills. School students at S5 and S6 will cover these three elements through structured and informal learning. Taking a blended approach, learning within an education environment will be complemented via an extended work placement with employers like you.

By providing the extended work placement opportunities, you’re supporting the future workforce to develop industry-relevant skills and will benefit from the fresh perspective the apprentices will bring.

Foundation apprenticeships have already been around for a couple of years in other industry sectors, and we know that employers who invest the time and resources in supporting the workforce of the future are already reaping the benefits.

Why get involved?

  • Foundation apprentices work on real projects with your staff, bringing new ideas to the tasks
  • It's designed for employers like you, so the apprentices build skills your industry needs for now and the future
  • You can build stronger links with local schools and colleges
  • Development of soft skills, like time management, teamwork and communication gained from exposure to quality work experience, results in better prepared future employees

As an employer you’ll play a vital role within the Foundation Apprenticeship. By offering the apprentice hands-on, relevant work experience aligned to the apprenticeship criteria, you’re ensuring that they’ll be exposed to a cross-section of learning and development opportunities, while also enabling them to gather the necessary evidence and experience needed to support the completion of their apprenticeship.

With the opportunity for your staff to become mentors to the apprentice, you’ll be increasing internal motivation, which can lead to improved productivity. At the same time, the apprentice will gain valuable insight and benefit from the experience of professionals within the sector.

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